By: Jerry3904


MX Version: MX-15, MX-16, MX-17, MX-18

Section: Applications


gdevilspie is a neat little GTK+ app that serves as a frontend (GUI) for devilspie2 that makes all sorts of detailed manipulations on windows very easy. In general, it is used by creating a new rule, describing what you want to manipulate and how it should act. Details can be found under Links, below.


It is easier to explain how to use it with a concrete example than to try to use general terms. The game of Hearts (gnome-hearts) always shows in a small format and lands on whatever workspace is active. That behavior can be changed in the following way:

  • Launch Hearts (only running windows/applications will show up when you click Get)
  • Launch gdevilspie
  • Start the demon if not running, and check box to start the demon automatically at login
  • Click the gdevilspie Matching tab
    • Click “New”
    • Put “Hearts” in the title
    • Check box next to window_name in the LEFT pane
    • Click the cursor in the box next to matches in the RIGHT pane (you can also use equals if you are sure of the name)
    • Click the Get button and highlight Hearts on the list
    • Click Apply
    • Verify both panels are correct
  • Click on the gdevilspie Action tab
    • Check the box next to set_workspace in the LEFT pane
    • Use the menu to select the workspace you want (e.g.: 4) in the RIGHT panel
    • Check the box next to maximize in the LEFT pane
    • Verify both items are correct on both panels.
  • Click Save
  • Click the red Stop button to turn gdevilspie off
  • Click the green Start to turn gdevilspie back on
  • Test by going  to a different workspace than where you want it and launching Hearts


v. 20170220
MX Linux