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Hulu (and possibly other sites requiring Flash DRM) and MX-15

MX-15 as shipped comes with a combination of pepperflash (Google’s special adobe flash) along with the freshplayerplugin (which allows pepperflash usage in firefox).

This is great for the most part. Firefox gets a fully up-to-date flash.

Unless your favorite website still uses adobe flash drm components. In the USA, the big culprit is Hulu, the streaming TV site. If you try to launch Hulu in Firefox MX-15, you will get a warning about updating your flashplayer.

The usual go-to-solution for flash support in Linux, google-chrome, also fails as the DRM component of their flash is either non-existent or inoperarable.

Luckily there is a solution if you are a fan of Hulu (and using MX-15)

Perform the following steps to remove pepperflash support from Firefox. Sorry, but this is necessary if you want to watch Hulu videos. Note that this will not effect chromium or google-chrome flash…those will still use the more up to date flash.

  1. Remove freshplayer plugin

apt-get remove freshplayerplugin

  1. Install Adobe Flash and a “fake” HAL compatibility layer (don’t worry, its not real HAL systemwide)

apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree libhal1-flash
After this start Firefox and you should be good to go.

This will not help if your country-of-origin does not already get Hulu.

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