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LuckyBackup is a very user-friendly GUI backup program installed by default in MX Linux. It uses rsync as a backend and transfers over only changes made rather than all data.

Here are the basic steps to set it up:

  • Click Profile > New (you can also just use the blank “default” profile that shows when you open the program for the first time).
  • Give a name to the backup you are setting up, e.g. Data
  • Click next to the source space, and locate the folder you want to back up
  • Click next to the Destination space, and locate where you want it to go
  • Click the Validate button to make sure the paths are correct
  • Click OK
  • Highlight the profile you have just created in the main windown, click Profile > Schedule
  • Click the Add button
  • Use the pull-down Profile menu to select the Profile you want to schedule
  • Set when you want it to run
  • Click cron-IT! and you’re done
  • Make sure that the destination is routinely mounted and that the permissions are correct. You may well need to run Luckybackup as Superuser (root) in order to be able to back up to an external drive


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