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Microsoft products are not FOSS, yet many users need or want to have access to the, especially for business, institutional and other such contexts. Although Microsoft Office suit applications can’t be natively installed under Linux, Microsoft’s Office365 (paid service) or On-line Office (free) are just regular web pages that run fine inside any modern browser on MX Linux. Once you are registered, just enter your credentials on the website and then choose the Web Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, you want to run.

The file documents that you work with have to be uploaded to the Internet to be viewed or edited. New documents are created on the “cloud”, not your hard drive. Once opened for edition your documents are automatically saved to the “cloud”.

You can save and/or export documents from the cloud to your hard drive, using the “File” menu from your on-line office window. Your documents can also be printed, via the web browser: In your web office application window click File – Print – Print this document. The pdf file is generated and the browser “Print” window pops up. Just click the “Print” button.

You can even add quick start icons to your on-line office applications or online documents, so you just have to click its icon. Just drag and drop the locket icon on the left of your address bar to your desktop (and choose the your preferred icon for it, if you want to (MX comes with icons for Ms Office file types out of the box).

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