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You can look at a Netflix show/movie on MX-15, but the method varies by the architecture of your system (enter inxi -S in a terminal if you are unsure).

64 bit architecture

This is straightforward: just install Google Chrome from MX Package Installer and Netflix will work OOTB.

32 bit architecture

Google no longer provides a 32bit version of Chrome, so you need to use a workaround.

Method A

Video Tutorial –

1. Install pipelight-multi from the test repository. After installation, run

pipelight-plugin --enable silverlight5.1

That seems to be enough for Pale Moon. For those using Firefox or Iceweasel 44.X, the next command is also necessary:

sudo pipelight-plugin --create-mozilla-plugins

2. Now run your browser (if Pale Moon, you are done). A wine prefix should be created automatically. However, in firefox, the plugin will not be visible.

3. If plugins are not visible, close your browser and run

sudo pipelight-plugin --create-mozilla-plugins

and restart your browser.

For netflix

4. in Firefox/iceweasel, you are also going to need a user agent switcher (there is an extension called “user agent switcher” that is perfect). Install that and change your user agent to a Windows Firefox that is pre-firefox 34 (Windows/Firefox 29 is included in the current defaults). This will force the use of silverlight over html5, as html5 will not work.

5. Upon first run of a movie, you will see a prompt to “activate silverlight”. click the link and then “allow and remember” from the pop-up dialog that follows.

6. you should now be watching a movie.

Method B (probably MX-15 only)

1. install wine from the mx-packageinstaller (actually installs wine-staging and wine-staging-compat/winehq-staging)
2. download windows version firefox 32 bit from
3. run winecfg to set up an initial prefix.
4. run “wine Firefox-Setup…….exe” to get Firefox installed.
5. run Firefox from either wine menu, desktop icon, etc…
6. go to as usual. log in.
7. try to play a show/movie. it will ask to install silverlight. hit the button provided by Netflix. this will download silverlight.
8. from the firefox download button, run silverlight installer by clicking on it.
9. disable all check boxes for updates, updaters, etc….
10. after silverlight install is finished, go back to start a movie. when the “activate silverlight” button appears, click it. You’ll be asked to “allow once” or “allow and remember”. click “allow and remember”.
11. you should now be watching your show/movie.

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