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Passwords and Keys


This application allows you to to set up and store a variety of secure mechanisms:

Main screen with the File > New dialog box displayed.


The most common use of this application by most users is to store passwords, but how to do that might not be completely obvious at first glance since you need to create a Password Keyring.

  • Select File ▸ New….
  • Choose Password Keyring (highlighted above) and press Continue.
  • Choose a name for your new keyring, then press OK to continue.
  • To password protect your keyring, choose a password, and retype it to confirm your choice. Leave both the fields blank if you want your keyring to remain unlocked at all times.
  • Press Continue to finish creating the keyring.
  • If you are leaving name and password blank, you will be asked to confirm that this is how you want to proceed.

After doing that you can store a password by clicking File > New > Stored Password, selecting the keyring you want to use, and follow the prompts.

Help: Passwords and Keys Manual

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