Snap packages and MX Linux




Running snap packages (snaps) is problematic on our default MX setup because of a couple of factors.

1.  snapd (the snaps backend) requires systemd and we use sysVinit by default

2.  snapd confinement doesn't like the symlink we use to link /tmp to /var/tmp.

But you can run snaps on MX if you follow these steps.

1.  Remove the symlink for /tmp and replace with a new directory folder with 1777 permissions

    sudo rm /tmp && sudo mkdir /tmp && sudo chmod 1777 /tmp

2.  Reboot immediately as removing the temporary symlink can and will cause unexpected behavior until the new /tmp is in place and in use (next reboot)

3.  Install snapd. 

     sudo apt install snapd

4.  If you wish to use snaps, then you will want to boot into systemd mode.  This is usually available under the "Advanced Options for MX " grub submenu.


If those options aren't present, then this can also be accomplished by adding the following boot code to your grub boot line


5.  Use snap as you normally would.  Snap installation is availale from the cli, and check out for a handy listing of available snaps, and the snap command they recommend to install each one.