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This is not an exhaustive list of Linux software, it’s just a list of most common used and generally considered as the “best” software that’s available in Linux. See other resources under Links, below.

Most of these packages are available from the standard repositories and can be installed through Synaptic apt-get.  If you don’t find your package in the repos, then download from the website.  For installing such packages please check Software Installation.

Office Productivity

Office Suites

LibreOffice — A fork of created when Oracle bought Sun Microsystems (original creators of and started changing rules for developers.
The most popular office suite for Linux.  Supplied by default with MX Linux and antiX-15.

Text Editing

Abiword — simple and quick word processor with basic features.
Gnumeric — quick functional spreadsheet program
Kexi — simple, functional database program
Nano — text based (console application) editor.
Vi or vim — text editor for console.
Qemacs] — text based (console application) editor.

Scribus — professional publishing features


–Use an internet fax service.  Choice and price of service depends on volume and services needed, see this fax price comparison.
–Use Efax-gtk on Postscript documents
–Use LibreOffice, consult this help document.

[ Adobe Acrobat Reader] — Free proprietary software (user must agree to EULA.) Install from the debian-multimedia repository via Synaptic; or download directly from Adobe website as a .deb package.

[ MuPDF] Very light and fast viewer that only uses keyboard shortcuts, can be installed using Synaptic.

[ Foxit Reader] — Free proprietary software (user must agree to EULA.) Can be downloaded from Foxit website as a .deb package.

[ KPDF] — a PDF viewer based on Xpdf for KDE, can be installed using Synaptic.

[ Evince] — Uses GNOME libraries, can be installed using Synaptic.

[ ePDFView] — uses GTK+, Poppler, and cairo libraries, can be installed using Synaptic.

[ Office Suite] — a complete open source office suite originally based on StarOffice comprised of Writer (word processor), Draw (drawing program), Calc (spreadsheet program), Base (database program), and Impress (presentation editor), all components of OpenOffice can export to PDF document format, only Writer and Calc are installed as part of Mepis 8.5 standard installation, other components need to be installed through Synaptic.

[ KOffice Office Suite] — a complete open source office suite for KDE, elements of KOffice can export to PDF document format, can be installed through Synaptic.

[ Inkscape] — an open source vector-based drawing program (similar to Illustrator or CorelDraw) that loads and saves a subset of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format, can export to PDF document format, can be installed using Synaptic.


[ PDF-Shuffler] — PDF-Shuffler is an easy-to-use GUI application which helps the user to merge or split pdf documents and rotate, crop and rearrange their pages using an interactive and intuitive graphical interface.  Search Synaptic for pdfshuffler.  Open with Kmenu >>> Office >>> PDF-Shuffler

[ PDFedit] — allows direct editing access to the raw PDF file code, oriented to the advanced user with knowledge of PDF file code constructs, supports extensive user-customized scripting based on the ECMAScript scripting language, fairly steep learning curve to become proficient in the more advanced features, some basic GUI editing functions for the casual user, can be installed through Synaptic.

[ Xournal] — can be used to annotate PDF files (e.g. add text and draw)

[ pdftk] — a CLI program to manipulate (e.g. merge, split) the pages of PDF files.

[ (OOo) Draw with PDF Import Extension] — OOo Draw can be installed using Synaptic, also need to [ download the OpenOffice PDF Import Extension] and install by opening OOo Draw and selecting the Extension Manager, once the extension is installed you can directly edit PDF documents by opening them with OOo Draw.

[ Inkscape (with PDF Tool Kit)] —  an open source SVG vector-based drawing program that can be installed through Synaptic, can open PDF documents directly one page at a time, to re-assemble pages you need to install [ PDF Took Kit (pdftk)] using Synaptic and enter the following into the command line interface:  ”pdftk page1.pdf page2.pdf page3.pdf cat output merged_document.pdf”.  You can also covert the PDF document to SVG before opening in Inkscape by installing and running [ pdf2svg] and entering the following into the command line interface:  ”pdf2svg input.pdf output_page%d.svg all”.

servicemenu-pdf — a nifty tool for KDE 3 and KDE 4 that puts existing tools such as pdftk into a service menu so that operations can be carried out by simply right-clicking a file.  It is available from [ this site], and requires pdfjam to be installed first from the repos.

[ PDF Poppler Utilities] — a series of command line utilities including, pdftops (PDF to PostScript converter), pdfinfo (PDF document information extractor), pdfimages (PDF image extractor), pdftohtml (PDF to HTML converter), pdftotext (PDF to text converter), and pdffonts (PDF font analyzer), based on libpoppler, part of the standard Mepis installation.

[ gscan2pdf] — a GUI utility that generates PDF files from scanned documents, scanning function is based on SANE via scanimage and PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2, can be installed using Synaptic.

[ PDF printer for CUPS (CUPS-PDF)] — print service that functions as a PDF Writer backend to CUPS, can set up a virtual printer that generates PDF files simply by having an application print to the virtual device, can be installed using Synaptic.

See also Pdf

Business Management
[ vtiger] — manage customers, inventory, purchasing, sales, marketing; easy setup, pre-configured, GPL.

[ simpleticket] — A simple Trouble Ticket System for IT, Non-Tech Customer Support, ISP/TelCo, etc., GPL.

[ journyx] — Employee time and expenses tracking for Projects, Billing, Payroll, etc. Free full unlimited use for up to 10 users (not open source).

[ UltimateEMR] — Electronic Medical Record system for small practice physicians. open source.

[ os4ed] — Management Software for Educational Administration and Student records. open source.

[ Drupal] — Content management platform.

[ CiviCRM] — open source constituent relationship management solution.
[ gnotime] — open source project time tracking and invoicing application

[ KPlato] — Project Management program.
[ OpenProj] — Project Management.  OSS, Cross platform. PERT/Gantt. Compatible with MS Project & Primavera files.
Scheduling (Calendar)
[ Sunbird] — a free, open source, cross-platform calendar application that was developed by the Mozilla Foundation and Sun Microsystems.
[ Iceowl] — Sunbird variant based on entirely free software (Debian rebranding of Sunbird).

Home Productivity

Money Management
cbtracker — checkbook tracker
[ Gnucash] — a double-entry book-keeping personal finance system similar to [ Quicken]
[ Kmymoney] — an application similar to [ Microsoft Money], available for download (as kmymoney2) through Synaptic
See also the GNU GPL section of this [ comparison of accounting software]

Media Management
[ digiKam] — an advanced digital photo management application
[ Picasa] — a free management system from Google available through Synaptic
See also this [ Comparison of image management software]

[ Amarok]  — powerful software for organizing your music collection

See also this [ comparison of audio players].

Records Management
[ basKet note pads] —  provides several baskets into which the user can drop notes, links, images, sounds, files, colors, application launchers, etc.

Internet (Client)

Iceape — integrated Mozilla browser & mail client – continued from the original Mozilla Suite.
[ Firefox]   — stand-alone browser based on Mozilla.
[ IceCat] — Firefox variant with entirely free software
[ mozilla] — full Internet suite.
Opera — fast and full Internet suite.
[ dillo] — small and very fast browser. Ideal for viewing downloaded html files.

RSS Reader
[ akregator] — Akregator is a news feed reader for the KDE desktop
[ liferea]

Communication Software
[ Thunderbird] — a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation
[ IceDove] — Thunderbird variant based on entirely free software (Debian rebranding of Thunderbird).
[ KMail]
[ Evolution 2.0] — MS Outlook replacement with PDA support

Instant Messenger
[ Pidgin (Gaim is now Pidgin)]  — multiprotocol client (AIM/ICQ, GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC).
[ Kopete] — multiprotocol client (AIM/ICQ, GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC).
[ aMSN] — a free open source MSN Messenger clone.

Voice Chat
[ KPhone]
Twinkle VOIP client.

Video Chat
[ Ekiga] — typically picks up supported webcam’s audio and video.  Available through the repos, and works with compatible programs for [ for Windows and Mac platforms].
[ aMSN] — MSN Messenger clone available through the repos.
[ OpenWengo] — open source alternative to Skype, it has webcam capability.

[ xchat]
[ chatzilla]
[ irssi]– a terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems
Other programs have IRC capabilities: Kopete, [ Pidgin], and Opera.

File Sharing
[ aMule] — eDonkey Client.
ktorrent — BitTorrent Client
[ azureus] — Java based BitTorrent Client.
[ Deluge] — Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client using a libtorrent backend and a PyGTK-based frontend.
[ frostwire] — Gnutella2 Client, LimeWire Pro fork, open source, No content blocking, No restrictive trademark.


[ kget] — advanced gui download manager
Konqueror — KDE’s file browser, good for browsing FTP also!
Kasablanca — KDE FTP client
[ Filezilla] — multi-platform FTP client
ftp — console application
wget — advanced cli download manager

Web Page Design
[ KompoZer] — visual (wysiwyg) editor (based on Nvu, which was discontinued in 2005)
[ Bluefish] — code editor.
[ Quanta Plus]
[ Aptana] — Dreamweaver-like Web Page builder/IDE. easy [ aptana.deb] (Open With Kpackage).

TV to PC

Internet (Server)

Web Server
[ Lighttpd] — fast and efficient.
[ Apache] — the most popular web server in the world.  Version 2 recommended.

FTP Server
[ proftpd] — presinstalled on SOHO server

Content Management System
[ Joomla!] — (free Mambo fork)
[ XOOPS] — also get [ Xoops Protector v3] to defend XOOPS from various attacks.
[ WebGUI] — web application development framework that handles content management.

E-Mail Server
[ Citadel] — Groupware Suite (email server, calendar & scheduling, address books, bulletin boards, list server, instant messaging) with AJAX web client, GPL.
[ qmail] — Email Server Suite.
[ Postfix] — see how-to’s for anti-virus/spam ([ How-To] or [ How-To]).

PBX Server
[ Asterisk PBX] — private telephone Branch eXchange server, VoIP compatibility.

Wireless Portal Authentication
[ ChilliSpot]
[ more] and [ more]


Image Editors
[ GIMP] — or [ GIMPshop] adds photoshop menu emulation.
[ Krita] — easy to use.
[ Inkscape] — Vector Graphics application.
[ Xara Xtreme]
[ Kolourpaint] — optimized for simple, everyday tasks.

Image Viewers
[ Picasa] — picture organizer and editor from Google.

[ digiKam] — KDE advanced digital photo manager.  Install KIPI-plugins for lots of added functionality.

[ showFoto] — Showphoto is the standalone image editor of the digiKam project.

[ kuickshow] — an image browser/viewer with a nice file browser to select images to be shown, slideshow support

[ gqview]– simple image browser with thumbnail capability. Uses GTK+ 2.x. Available through synaptic or apt-get.

[ qiv] — Quick Image Viewer (qiv) is a very small and fast GDK/Imlib image viewer. Available through synaptic or apt-get.

[ gwenview] — feature-packed yet fast image viewer and browser; Can rotate and mirror images without harming EXIF data in jpegs (unlike some other simple viewers/editors).

[ ImageMagick] — Command line image viewer with basic editing capabilities which comes preinstalled with MEPIS. You activate it via the CLI: “display”.

Cad|CAD software
[ PythonCAD] — PythonCAD a CAD software writen in Python.
qcad — 2D
[ VariCAD]

[ kooka] — scan and OCR program (install gocr separately).  NOTE: Kooka is no longer maintained and has been dropped from the kdegraphics module for KDE 4.
[ Xsane] — another choice with intuitive interface
[ quiteinsane] — QuiteInsane is a graphical frontend for SANE (“Scanner Access Now Easy”). It requires Qt2.2.x or Qt>=3.0.1 (KDE2/KDE3 optional).  It has not been ported to Qt4 and appears to be no longer in development.
Linux softwarePDF|gscan2pdf — quick method of scanning multiple pages to a single PDF file
[ Skanlite] — a simple KDE4 image scanning application that does nothing more than scan and save images.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
[ Cuneiform] — command line OCR
[ gocr] — OCR program
[ YAGF] -– GUI front end for Cuneiform
[ Tesseract] —  command line OCR

[ ksnapshot] –  access by hitting the “printscreen” keyboard button

Also see [ Video Chat Category] above
[ HasciiCam] – captures video renders it into [ ascii] letters.


Music Player
[ Amarok] — a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows.
[ Clementine] — multiplatform music player inspired by Amarok 1.4, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music.
[ juK]
[ xmms]  — light music player, clone of Winamp
[ kaffeine] — a straight-forward media player
[ XBMC] — slick-looking media center in the Community repos
[ SMPlayer] — Nice front for MPlayer, gives access to powerful features.  OSS, Cross platform.  Video too.
[ Goggles Music Manager] Easy to use music collection manager and player that categorizes/plays your music files based on genre, artist, album, and song. It supports gapless playback, easy tag editing, internet radio and album art display.

Music Ripper
See Paragraph 8.2 of the User’s Manual for info on K3b and Konqueror
[ Audex] — rips music from CDs.
[ kaudiocreator] — rips music from CDs.
[ streamripper] — rips from online radio stations.
[ Grip] — has the ripping capabilities of [ cdparanoia] builtin, but can also use external rippers (such as [ cdda2wav])
[ RipperX]– rips music from CDs.
[ Asunder]– rips music from CDs.

MP3 File Tagging

[ Easytag]
[ Musicbrainz Picard]
[ Kid3]
[ puddletag]

Music composer/editors

[ Audacity] — cross-platform open-source software for recording and editing sounds
[  rosegarden] sequencer + more
[ muse] mixer
Midi|Midi support
[  zynaddsubfx] synth
[  hydrogen] drum machine
[  djplay] dj tools, not available in repos for 7.0
[   terminatorx] dj scratching
[ studio software] — list of software for MEPIS 6.5, some may be unavailable for 7.0 at this time


Video Player
[ mplayer] — [ kmplayer]
[ xine]
[ kaffeine]
[ vlc]
[ SMPlayer] — More reliable & many more functions than KMPLayer

Video Recording/Ripping
(Including DVD creation/ripping)
[ k9copy] — similar to dvdshrink, easy to use; however may have issues with newer commercial DVDs.   Available through Installing software | Synaptic/apt-get
[ dvdrip] — rip dvds to avi/mpeg/divx/xvid, available through Installing software | Synaptic/apt-get
[ avidemux] — a virtualdub clone, available through Installing software | Synaptic/apt-get
option — [ dvddecryptor] plus [ dvdshrink] run in MS Windows emulator [ wine].
[ XDVDshrink] — open source dvdshrink, only copies the main film.  Available through Installing software | Synaptic/apt-get
[ tovid] — a collection of video disc authoring tools; it can help you create your own DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs for playback on your home DVD player. Unofficial .deb available.
[ lxdvdrip] — a Command Line Tool to make a copy from a Video DVD for private use.
[ DeVeDe] — create video DVDs or VCDs, suitable for home players, from any number of video files, in any of the formats supported by Mplayer.
[ qdvdauthor] — a complete DVDAuthoring solution for Linux with the emphasis of ease of use and a complete set of functionality
[ AcidRip] — presents a clean Gnome graphical interface for converting a DVD directly to an avi file (without temporary copies of the DVD).
[ HandBrake] — multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder that can also rip DVDs (but not to .avi).  Available through Installing software | Synaptic/apt-get

Video Editor
Video_edit_suite|List for a complete video editing suite. — somewhat dated but still very useful
[ Cinelerra] [ Debian installation ] – Professional level editor
[ Jahshaka] — realtime editing and effects system.
[ Avidemux] — free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks
[ kdenlive] — non linear video editor for the KDE environnment


[ Netfilter/Iptables] — Built-in Linux firewall kernel applications.
[ Firestarter] — User-friendly GUI front-end for editing iptables.
Firestarter — Mepis wiki link to Firestarter graphical iptables editing application.
[ Guarddog] — GUI interface for editing iptables.
Guarddog — Mepis wiki link to Guarddog graphical iptables editing application.
[ Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw)] — A command line interface for editing iptables.
ufw — Mepis wiki link to Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw) command line-based iptables editing application.
[ Gufw] — Gufw is a GUI interface…to the command line interface, ufw…for editing iptables.
Gufw — Mepis wiki link to the Gufw graphical user interface to the command line interface, ufw, for editing iptables.
[ Kmyfirewall] — A KDE-based firewall tool designed to be relatively easy to use while providing full-featured control of iptables.  Appears to no longer be in active development.
[ Webmin website] — Web based system administration tool that contains a module to configure the firewall and routing capabilities of the kernel.  Very flexible and powerful but somewhat complex.
Webmin — Mepi wiki link to Webmin.

[ Clam AntiVirus] is an open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit for UNIX, designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways.  This is currently the RECOMMENDED antivirus software for Mepis and can be installed through [ Synaptic].
[ KlamAV] is a graphical user interface front end to ClamAV that serves as an anti-virus manager for the KDE desktop.  KlamAV can be installed through [ Synaptic].
[ ClamTk] is also a graphical user interface front end to ClamAV based on gtk2-perl.  ClamTk can be installed through [ Synaptic].
[ Avast! Linux Home Edition] is offered free of charge but only for home, non-commercial use.  It can be downloaded as a .deb package from the Avast! website.
[ AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition] can be downloaded as a .deb package from the AVG website.
[  Avira AntiVir Personal] is a free personal antivirus application that provides basic protection against a range of malware.  It can be downloaded and installed using a TAR’ed bin package with install script and uninstaller from the Avira website.
[ F-PROT Antivirus for Linux Workstations] is free for use by personal users on personal workstations.  It is only available as a GZIP-ed TAR file that can be downloaded from the F-PROT website.
[ XFProt] is a graphical user interface front end for F-PROT.  It can be downloaded as a .deb package from the XFProt website.
[ Linux Malware Detect] is a free, open source, restriction free, tool for Linux that focus on malware detection. It is only available as a GZIP-ed TAR file that can be downloaded from the Linux Malware Detect website.

[ chkrootkit] is a command line tool that searches the local system for signs that it is infected with a rootkit.  chkrootkit can be installed through Synaptic.
[ Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter)] is a Unix-based command line tool that scans for rootkits, backdoors, and possible local exploits.  rkhunter can be installed through Synaptic.  [ OLD rkhunter Webpage].
[ Linux Malware Detect] uses MD5 file hashes and hex pattern matches to identify malware. The goal of LMD is to provide a threat detection, alerting and quarantine tool for Linux web servers, though the MD5/hex signatures are portable to any number of detection tools.

Vulnerability Scanner
[ nessus] — has open source version.
[ snort] — Intrusion Detection Software, open source, in use by govt./military.


Advanced file tools
[ Kompare] — a tool to view and compare differences between files, part of the kdesdk package
[ KFileReplace] — used to search and replace a list of strings in a file tree
[ Jdiskreport] — a Java application that scans selected folders and presents reports in tables or a pie chart

[ mondo] — easy to use
[ amanda] — backup multiple computers to single large capacity tape drive.
BackupKeep| keep — good basic backup program
partimage — backs up partitions into a compressed image file
[ g4l] — a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool similar to Norton Ghost
[ clonezilla] — another imaging package that saves and restores only used blocks
[ konserve] — system tray application that makes periodic backups
[ dar] — a powerful backup utility with many options, and a GUI <u>kdar</u> is also available
[ LuckyBackup] Simple but powerful GUI, assembles command line.

Bandwidth Manager
[ bandwidth arbitrator] — fair division of bandwidth, dynamic, auto-configuring.  Author also sells rack mount.

[ OpenSSI] — Single System Image (many computers appear as one system to the user/program), has debian Sarge version.
[ dcc] — Debian Cluster Components, multi-server collaborative processing.
[ article] — clustering tools overview and discussion.

Distributed Systems
[ OpenAFS] — Distributed Filesystem. Phase-out your old insecure centralized file/ftp server.
[ centrify] — (not free) MS Active Directory integration for Linux servers. Note: Samba4 will soon have some of this functionality.

Emulation & Compatibility
Cedega — (not free) Run games written for MS Windows.
[ Crossover Office] — (not free) MS Windows API implementation – Runs software made for MS Windows.
Dosbox|DOSbox — nice DOS emulator, mostly good for playing old DOS games.
[ IEs4Linux] — web developers test your sites on IE.  Easy script installs IE v6, v5.5, & v5. GPL.
[ ifs] — provides MS Windows with read/write access to Linux Ext2/Ext3 file systems.
[ ntfs-3g] — provides Linux with read/write access to MS Windows NTFS file systems.
[ snes9x] — Super Nintendo emulator.
[ stella] — Atari 2600 console simulator.  Ahhh, nostalgia.
Wine setup|WINE — MS Windows API implementation – Runs software made for MS Windows.

[ gramps] — Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System.

Network Monitor
[ zabbix] — advanced monitoring, alerting and visualisation. [ review].
[ cacti] — easy to use frontend for [ RRDTool].
[ Nagios] — host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your users.
[ OpenNMS] — Network Monitor System.

Partition Manager
KDE Partition Manager

Program Scheduler
[ Kcron] — The KDE graphical user interface to the crontab configuration file that allows the user to view and edit both tasks and schedules in a graphical display format. Kcron is a GUI front-end to the cron daemon which allows you to schedule the automatic operation of programs.
Kcron — The Mepis wiki link to Kcron.

Remote Access
NX Server |NX Client and Server — very fast remote desktop program. Features clustering, load sharing, clients for Linux/Windows/Mac/Solaris.
ssh — terminal OpenSSH client, also available through GUI in Konqueror by using kioslave protocol ”fish://ip_address”
[ LTSP] — Linux Terminal Server Project – deploy cheap low-maintenance thin clients – setup [ instructions].

Screen Saver
[ electric sheep] — automated collaborative screen saver.

[ MRTG] — Multi Router Traffic Grapher, monitors SNMP network devices and graphs traffic.

SQL Database
[ PostgreSQL] — feature rich, enterprise class, easy to use, standards compliant, in use by Hospitals, etc.
[ FirebirdSQL] — not as easy to use, but solid, high performance, low overhead, enterprise class, in use by 911 call centers, etc.
[ MySQL] — high compatibility; this once plebeian database is gaining ground in features and stability.
[ EnterpriseDB] — Oracle compatible, built upon PostgreSQL, integrated pre-configured drivers, admin & reporting tools, closed source but has a free version.  Sony Online (Everquest,SWG,etc.) is [,10801,109722,00.html switching] from Oracle to this.
[ db4objects] — object database for rapid development and faster object queries. GPL. [ review].
[ SQLite] — “a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world.” Public domain. Excellent for projects that don’t require or want a server implementation. ”Examples:” [ Amarok] , [ digiKam]

System Admin
[ KSystemLog] — a system log viewer tool
[ webmin] — web-based frontend for comprehensive system administration
[ Puppet] — multi-server admin tool, automation, propagation, easier than other similar multi-server tools.

Virtual Machine

VirtualBox — free for non-commercial use. GPL version free for any users.
VMWare —  VMWare is a desktop virtualization software for software developers/testers and enterprise IT professionals that runs multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single PC. VMWare player and VMWare server are available for free.
[ Parallels] — (not free) Parallels is a desktop virtualization solution that enables users to create multiple independently operating, completely self-contained virtual machines on a single PC.
[ qemu] — free, not terribly fast or sturdy, but fun to play with.  Networking can be troublesome.
kvm — Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a Linux kernel virtualization infrastructure
[ xen] — open source
[ user-mode-linux] — open source

[ NetBeans IDE] — cross-platform Java IDE. Available free for non-commercial use.
[ KDevelop] — KDevelop is an easy to use Integrated Development Environment for developing C/C++ applications under X11.
[ WebGUI] — web application development framework that handles content management.
[ OpenLaszlo] — web application development framework. [ article].
[ Gambas] — Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, like Visual Basic™
Subversion — version control system for source code, a compelling replacement for CVS.
[ mercurial] — distributed version control system for source code. GPL.
[ monotone] — distributed version control system for source code. GPL.
[ savane] — web-based Free Software Development Hosting System with bug tracking, project & member management, mailing lists.
[ Python Language] — Rapid Application Development. Dynamic object-oriented.
:[ TurboGears] — Web Development Framework (application centric).
:[ Django] — Web Development Framework (CMS/Publisher centric).
:[ SqlAlchemy] — SQL toolkit and Object Relational Manager.
:[ Twisted] — Networking engine (event driven, multi-protocol, multi-server).
:[ IronPython] — .NET wrapper.  Your python code runs as a real .NET app).
:[ JPython] — Java wrapper. Your python code runs as a real Java app).
:[ iPython] — improved interactive shell.
:[ demos] — Python demonstration and training videos.


R — Free/Open Source flavour of S-Plus.
[ ESS] — (EMACS Speaks Statistics) R interface for the EMACS editor.
[ GRASS] — GIS package.
[ QGIS] — GIS  program with excellent GUI, can use Grass engine
[ Celestia] — 3d model of the solar system, very educational.
[ GnuPlot] — GnuPlot is a command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility.
[ Octave] — GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It uses GnuPlot for graphing.
[ Euler] — EULER is a program for quickly and interactively computing with real and complex numbers in the style of MatLab.
[ KStars] — KStars is a Desktop Planetarium for KDE.
[ Stellarium] — Stellarium is a free open source planetarium that shows a realistic sky in 3D.
[ rasmol] — shows different views of molecules.
[ [email protected]] — protein folding distribute computing.


First Please see; [ This list of Games that can be installed on MEPIS]

Running Windows Games in MEPIS

Adventure Games

Arcade Games
[ AlienArenaGE] — 3D FPS, has linux version, by CodeRED, not open source.
[ Cube] — 3D FPS, has linux version, open source.
tuxkart — a Go-kart racing game.
tuxracer/ppracer — slalom ski-ing game
supertux — superMario type clone
pingus — a lemmings clone
defendguin — a defender clone.
[ games] — a great Open Source Games collection, most have Linux versions.

Board Games
xboard + gnuchess — chess game.
[ Risk] — Java-based Risk clone.

Card Games
[ kpat] — a.k.a. patience; 14 versions of solitaire
[ pysol] — probably the biggest collection of solitaire games in one program.  dozens of cardsets available as well.

Tactics & Strategy
[ freeciv] — clone of Civilization.
[ lincity] — clone of Simcity.
[ Battle for Wesnoth] — available through Installing software | Synaptic/apt-get as wesnoth
[ foobillard] — nice billiard game available from the repos


Kids_Version|Install command for kids games and activities
TuxMath — arithmetic learning game.  Similar to the classic “Missile Command” game, except to shoot down the falling bombs kids must solve a mathematical problem and type in the answer.  Difficulty and speed can be tailored to the child’s age and ability.  Much for fun than a time test!
TuxType — typing tutor.  Kids type in the letter or word on a falling fish and tux eats the fish if they’re right.
[ GCompris] — collection of various educational games for children bundled together in a series of submenus.  Most of the games are fairly simple, probably best for pre-schoolers.
Childsplay — another collection of educational games aimed at young children.

Desktop Fun
xpenguins — summon swarms of penguins to waddle about the desktop.  Can be customized with a variety of characters and behaviors. (need to enable “allow programs to run in root window” in KDE).
oneko — cartoon kitten that follows your mouse around the screen.  Switches can change it to a puppy, little boy, little girl, and others.
xteddy — kids can choose from a variety of friends to place on the screen.
TuxPaint — is meant to be a simple drawing program for young children. It IS meant to be fun and easy to use. Sound effects and a cartoon character help let the user know what’s going on, and keeps them entertained.
Ktuberling — simple “Mr Potato Head” type game for little ones learning to use the mouse.  Choose from Potato, Penguin, or Underwater canvas/accessory sets.


v. 20150901

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