By: permxlin333


MX Version: MX-14, MX-15, MX-16, MX-17, MX-18

Section: Applications

Thunar — Custom actions


Thunar has a selection of extensions that allows users to create custom actions that can extend its functionality. These actions operate on files and folders found within Thunar and can do anything from bulk-renaming to running specialized scripts. The MX Linux devs created many useful ones that show up in the context menu, but users can easily create their own.


Here are the two sides that needed to set up for the Custom Action called “Compute data integrity”

Custom Action, side 1
Custom Action, side 2



In order for Thunar to be able to process custom actions following a mouse click on a particular target, special parameters are used:

  • %f — The path to the first selected file.
  • %F — The paths to all selected files.
  • %d — Directory containing the file passed in %f.
  • %D — Directories containing the files passed in %F.
  • %n — The first selected file name (without path)
  • %N — the selected file names (without paths)


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