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Vivaldi tips and tricks

Check out also the overview of Vivaldi:


As Vivaldi comes OOTB with support for open codecs only, propriatary media codecs (MP4[H.264/AAC]) need to get installed manually by the user. Vivaldi has an inbuilt test to check for available ffmpeg library in the system: open a terminal an run Vivaldi from the command line: 
If the missing propriatary codecs have been detected you'll see something like:

No suitable library for HTML5 proprietary media (MP4[H.264/AAC]) was found,
therefore only open codecs will play.

To add support for proprietary media, issue the following command and restart

curl |\
tail -c+1077 | tar JxC ~ --wildcards \* --xform 's,.*/,.local/lib/vivaldi/,'

Copy the line starting with curl and the line below (that’s actually one command line), paste it into a terminal and hit return.


To Check support of HTML5 proprietary media (MP4[H.264/AAC]) you can open this side:

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