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Whisker Menu – Tips and tricks

Add Search Functions to the Search bar


To define new whisker menu search actions, right click on the whiskermenu icon on the panel and select “properties”.

  • Select the “Search Actions” tab.
  • Hit the ‘+’ button to define a new action.
  • Fill in the Name and pattern that you would like.  The pattern should start with a symbol.  For instance, use !g for searching google.  For the command field use:  
exo-open --launch WebBrowser website

where website is one of the example links below. 

  • For our Google example the command would be:
exo-open --launch WebBrowser
  • Close the properties and activate the whisker menu.  

You should now be able to type !g searchterm  to search google and have the results open in the default web browser.


Useful whisker menu search command strings:  exo-open --launch WebBrowser  exo-open --launch WebBrowser  exo-open --launch WebBrowser  exo-open --launch WebBrowser

Dictionary:  exo-open --launch WebBrowser

Search Mepis/MX forums: exo-open --launch WebBrowser

Search AntiX forums:  exo-open --launch WebBrowser

Search  exo-open --launch WebBrowser

Thanks to BitJam for the seach strings.

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