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2 graphics drivers


If your system has both a discrete graphics card, typically Intel and an nVidia graphics card, you can install the nvidia driver using the Nvidia Graphics Installer found in MX Tools. Your card will be detected and the app will offer to install the driver including Bumblebee. The process may take some time. Upon completion reboot.


To run an application using the nVidia card issue the command “primusrun <app name>” iin a user terminal. The application will open and use the nvidia card.

If you want o check if properly installed issue the command “primusrun inxi -G” in a user terminal. It will show the GlX Renderer with your nvidia card designation. If run as “inxi -G” GLX Renderer will show the Intel card.

Alternately the command “optirun <app name>” can be used. optirun can be run with options. Issue the command “optirun -h” in a user terminal for help.


Enable NVIDIA card after waking from suspend (from Arch WIki)

The bumblebee daemon may fail to activate the graphics card after suspending. A possible fix involves setting bbswitch as the default method for power management:

  • open /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf in Leafpad as root
  • Find the section with and change the PM Method; currently lines 58 or 69:


  • Save and close

Project Bumblebee wiki

For more information refer to the Bumblebee wiki. However use the installation procedure detailed above.

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