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Post here details of any laptops you are running MX-15 on.

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  1. Running MxLinux 19 on HP EliteBook 2570. On installation the onboard Intel Centrino wireless chip wouldnt work properly so used a usb one that I had lying around which MX identified and set up as soon as it was plugged in. After the first upgrade after installation from the iso install, I removed the usb wireless and went back to the onboard wireless which now works fine.
    Also running MxLinux 19 on Lenovo Thinkpad X131e which installed and worked perfectly without any troubleshooting at all.

  2. I have 2 Acer’s , the older one – Acer Extensa is now damaged by someone stupid-
    And I’m reading the Website on my Acer Aspire 5820T (shipped in’10 with pre-installed Win 7 Home..x64),
    I changed this Laptop to 32 bit , I read about 3i Intel “Arrandale”, is – my Intuition was right , actually 32bit ,
    but the Laptop can handle 64bit , a typical Bug by this Series is Crash of simple Sci Driver , not possible to
    find a Download , This Acer Laptop always had Atheros/Qualcomm LAN/WLAN Drivers , I guess , Broadcom
    will never be Success , further Realtek Audio , VGA Intel , AHCI Intel , Crystal Eye Webcam – a poor Driver ,
    I never looked up the Webcam (built-in) , I love my Laptop – I never used Win 10 – HORROR , now I run again
    Win7Ultimatex86 , just for being online and I wish to replace WS-Mft completely and never see this Crap again , I got a Fritz!Box Modem from ISP , NAS , VoIP and more Features installed , Network(ing) is fine..
    Does anyone have a good Linux or Hardware Advice , aswell Experience with my Type Laptop ? I thank You in Advance , Anja – Amsterdam

    • Mx Linux works rather well on my Acer Aspire 5720Z with only 2 giga ram available. So you should install Clean Master on Vivaldi or other such browser and regularly clean it out. Also after startup, use the Mx cleaner and/or BleachBit. Without cleanup, it can freeze. I have yet to find a satisfactory cleaner for Firefox.

    • Descargate Mx Linux 19.4.1 ahs (soporte de hardware extendido) tiene los kernels mas nuevos y han resuelto la mayoria de problemas de hardware antiguos, aqui ademas de que permite los hardware viejos tambien permite los mas nuevos, descargate es genial la velocidad por cierto debe ser el de 64 bits.

  3. I’ve never had a problem running Linux from any desktop system or laptop that I have ever used.
    In my current collection, MX Linux 19.2 runs on my Dell Inspiron 5558 and my Lenovo X201 laptop (both around 2015), and also an HP Pavillion 5000 model s5137c.
    antiX 19.2.1 runs on my Dell Inspiron 5558 and my HP Compaq 2510p.
    I no longer own 32-bit hardware, but I understand that all of our distributions still support both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware! (Too bad I didn’t have room to move my ancient hardware with me)!

    Much older systems that I no longer own:
    2000-2001 vintage Dell Dimension 4100: worked on every 32-bit OS I tried between 2001-2009, including the original MEPIS and antiX.
    2008-2018: Gateway 2000 and Lenovo 3000 Model Y410: ran MEPIS until 2011, MX Linux and antiX 32-bit versions. After around 2014-15, antiX was among the few that worked with 32-bit distributions.

    Bottom line is that our product families have always worked very well on systems spanning 20-years of development or ownership.

  4. Hi I have problem with my laptop toshiba L45-B4272PM with MX-Linux no recognize or detect SD Card and with Windows 10 yes the problem is with MX-Linux please help me

    nie ma lepszych linuxów na starsze laptopy:) nowsze też;)
    fajnie, że działacie w tej społeczności pomagając innym ożywić starsze urządzenia, skazane już na wyrzucenie przez producentów napędzajacych sztucznie popyt.

    • wtf?
      “fajnie, że działa w tej społeczności pomagając innym ożywić starsze urządzenia, skazane już na wywoływanie przez producentów silników przyspieszających sztucznie popyt.”
      ‘fajnie, że działacie w tej społeczności pomagając innym ożywić starsze urządzenia, skazane już na zapomnienie z powodu popytu, sztucznie wywoływanego przez producentów.’


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