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Lenovo s21e tips and tricks

There are a few things to know if you are going to use a Lenovo s21e with MX-15.

1.The installer on the MX-15 isos cannot use the long device names of the internal eMMC drive in the machine. Do a dist-upgrade with the live media before attempting an install, as the installer was upgraded after MX-15’s initial release.

2. The brightness keys are reversed/backwards. Actually its not the keys but the backlight backend. If you have xfce4-power-manager set to reduce brightness after some minute or two of inactivity, the screen on the s21e will actually got brighter! modinfo i915 is your friend here, leading to the inverse_brightness option. Make a file called


and put in

options i915 invert_brightness=1

Reboot and your brightness keys should now be working in the expected manner.

3. The touchpad will not work with a kernel less than 4.3 So have a mouse handy until you can up the kernel version. The liquorix 4.3 kernel in the repos has been working well.

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