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Network manager

Known issues

Network Manager does not reconnect. There is a race condition where at times the network will not connect because the user isn’t logged in yet. It occurs sporadically, but is easy for the user to fix.

  • Right-click Network Manager icon and select ‘Edit Connections’.
  • Click on the connection you are using, and select ‘Edit’.
  • Click and ‘General’ tab, and see if there is a check-mark in ‘All users may connect to this network’. If there isn’t, click the box to check it.
  • Click ‘Save’, then close out and reboot.

2 thoughts on “Network manager”

  1. Tried MX18 X32, on Dell D510. This is the first distro I have come across which sees WIFI card, loads driver but does not show wifi Icon. When in the Network Manager it is easy to get lost as it is designed for Linux engineers. It does not scan or see routers.
    Is there something missing of or it is not for keen IT Users,

    This seems pretty primitive by any standard. Please remind me which year this is 1990 of 2019.

  2. This Linux is excellent except for the WiFi issues I have used Linux Mint Mate Manjaro and other Linux distributions and have not faced this WiFi issue Am I missing something basic ?


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