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HELP: Compton Manager

NOTE: In MX-17, Compton Manager has been incorporated into MX Tweak

MX Compton Manager

MX Compton Manager gives you an easy way to start, stop, and configure the compton compositor.

At launch, a compton.conf configuration file will be created for you in ~/.config if one doesn’t already exist.

The “Stop Compton” button will change to “Launch Compton” if its not running.

The “Configure Compton” button will launch compton-conf, an LXqt project configuraiton tool for compton. The compton-conf configuration tool works best with the compton.conf file included with the package. Changes made by compton-conf will take affect at the “apply” butto

If you have an existing compton.conf file, or want to change settings not available in the gui, the “Edit compton.conf” button will open ~/.compton.conf in a text editor for you to edit directly. Use the Start-Stop button to cycle compton for manual changes to take affect.

The “launch at login” checkmark will enable autostart of compton. this works if the compton file is the in the default location of ~/.config/compton.conf.

Notes: the xfce compositor will be disabled when compton is launched with the mx compton manager.

        if you have an existing compton.conf file, it may not work with the gui compton-conf tool.

Development history: wrapper by Dolphin_Oracle for Compton-conf (LXqt)

License: here.

v. 20170125

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