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HELP: Conky Manager

This Help file for Conky Manager is designed simply to get the new user oriented. A full Manual is available from the developer upon donation via PayPal: “The manual has a detailed description of the functionality along with steps required for creating theme packs and for fixing common issues. “


Common functions behind icons (by arrow color)

  • Red
    • Location: sets the approximate place on the screen (top left, bottom middle, etc.), and the horizontal and vertical gaps as well
    • Size: adjusts the size of the background, but not of the contents
    • Transparency: selects the display mode (opaque, transparent, pseudo-transparent, semi-transpaarent
    • Time: switches between 12 to 24 hr format for selected conky
    • Network: sets interface type and name for selected conky
  • Purple: opens the script for direct editing
  • Green: opens the folder in which the script is found
  • Yellow: creates a thumbnail of the selected conky
  • Blue
    • General: sets autostart state (default: on) and delay (default: 20sec)
    • Locations: describes folders that Conky Manager should include in addition to default

2 thoughts on “HELP: Conky Manager”

  1. Bonjour,
    J’apprécie MX linux mais la traduction de l’aide pour conky est déplorable pour ne pas dire nulle, alors qu’il existe des traducteurs de qualité (
    Jacques G.
    Good morning, sir,
    I appreciate MX linux but the translation of the help for conky is deplorable, not to say null, whereas there are quality translators (
    Jacques G.

    • We know very well, thanks, and use it where applicable. But these pages are translated


      by Google as a service to the user; we are unable to cache pages for each language.

      Project Manager


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