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HELP: MX Codecs Installer

Simply click OK to assume responsibility and install the following codecs.

  • libdvdcss2. Most commercial DVDs are encrypted with CSS (the Content Scramble System), which attempts to restrict the software that can play a DVD. This is a simple library designed for accessing DVDs without having to bother about decryption. Because of the vague threat of prosecution (which has so far never happened), many distros remain hesitant to provide it by default.
  • w32codecs. These are Win32 executable packages that are required for the decompression of video formats that have no open source alternative. Because actual code from Windows is included, the legality of the Linux package that surrounds them can be considered questionable for some regions such as the United States.
  • libtxc-dxtn0 “S3” texture packs, important for many games, particular steam games and games produced by Valve, among other developers. both 32 bit and 64 bit versions will be installed on 64 bit systems.

Development history: Jerry3904, Adrian
License: here.

v. 20150321

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