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HELP: MX Default Look

Allows the user to make quick user interface changes to system defaults.

The user may select to display the default panel horizontally (top or bottom) or vertically (default). Customizations, including panel plugins,will be preserved, although plugin location might be altered.

A backup of the current panel is stored in ~/.restore/. A backup is created on first launch of the app, and a new backup may be made at anytime. Only one backup at a time may be stored at this time.

The user may use the “Restore default panel” to get back to the original, as-shipped panel.

The user may also select to change whatever the current theme is to the MX-16 default light theme, MX-16 default dark theme, or MX-16.1 theme. This will change the gtk style, window manager style, and icon theme.

Related settings applications native to Xfce are presented below for the user’s convenience.

The Firefox tweak option will force a light theme on Firefox, which will solve an issue with some websites, including netflix and youtube, where text fields will not display correctly when a dark system theme is in use.

The HexChat tweak will modify the HexChat configuration to make the text in the input box in chat more visible.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Firefox dark theme tweak option will work with themes other than the system defaults.
  • The HexChat tweak will work with themes other than the system defaults.
  • If you want to export a panel configuration from one computer to another, with both running MX-15 or later, copy the “~./restore/” folder from the original computer and paste it in “~/.restore/” of the second computer, and use the “Restore backup panel configuration” option to “import” the migrated panel.

Development history: Dolphin_Oracle

License: here.

v. 20170604

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