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HELP: MX iDevice Mounter


Through the iPhone 4 series, MX Linux is able to mount an iPhone in Thunar and reveal its contents for manipulation. Since iOS 5.0, iPhones will not allow a Linux installation to be recognized as a “trusted connection.”
There are currently 3 projects that attempt to connect usefully to iPhones & iPads which can cause some confusion. Two of these bring up icons in Thunar’s left panel when you plug in your device.

1) Gphoto brings up the icon that just says iPad or iPhone and connects only to the Camera’s DCIM folder to download using mtp. This works on older devices but not newer ones.

2) GVFS (Gnome Virtual File System) Brings up the Icon that says Documents on iPhone (or iPad). It usually doesn’t work at all on older devices, but works somewhat on newer ones. Which folders you’ll be able to successfully access with this method when it works has been hit & miss in MX with the Camera’s DCIM folder often being among the ones missing.

3) libimobiledevice is a project to replicate Apple’s method of connecting to iPhones & iPads on Linux systems.

MX iDevice Mounter uses their libraries & utilities to mount the accessible parts of an iPhone’s or iPad’s filesystem. In testing It has been more successful than the other two methods over a range of devices.
It doesn’t place any icon in the left panel but, instead, it opens Thunar directly in the mounted folder.


The directions are provided right on the app itself. When Thunar mounts your device you will see the folders in Thunar and may use them as you would any other filesystem.

Known issues

  • Photos are sometimes only partially revealed. For instance, a phone with 1,000 photos may only show recent images (up to a few months previoiusly).
  • Multiple simultaneous devices are not supported. Only the first iDevice plugged in will be recognized. To mount another, the first must be unmounted & unplugged.
  • While photos can be copied from the iDevice’s DCIM folder, photos copied to an iDevice DCIM folder are actually saved there but are not recognized by the iDevice’s Camera Roll, which uses indexes & thumbnails generated by the iOS Camera app.

License: here

v. 20171116

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