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HELP: MX Panel Orientation

This time-saving application works by starting with two panel arrangements:

  • Vertical (default)
  • Horizontal

The default vertical panel is configured in two locations in ~/.config/xfce4/: the panel/ folder and in the xfce4-panel.xml file inside the folder xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/. The default horizontal panel is stored in /usr/local/share/appdata/panels/horizontal/ using the same two locations.

When the user switches from one orientation to the other, the current configuration is then stored in ~/.restore/.config/xfce4/. This allows the user the option of restoring the default or the personalized configuration.

Development history: Adrian, Dolphin_Oracle

License: here.

v. 20151214

1 thought on “HELP: MX Panel Orientation”

  1. Every time I download MXL, I have to hunt for where to switch the startup Xfce panel, where the sub-panel is to the right instead of to the left. It should be an easy thing to include somewhere in the Tweaks. But should it be so very difficult to find, and change? Some people prefer the main panel on the left, rather than the default Xfce on the right. A small thing, but an irritant for some. Thank you


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