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MX Samba Config is a tool to help users manager their samba/cifs network shares. Users can create and edit shares that they own, as well as manage user access permissions for those shares.

Shares and Users are managed on individual tabs. A status area at the bottom of the interface shows whether samba is running and whether autostart is enabled. This area is available on each tab.


  • Summary of all available shares and their settings.
  • Add – add a share. The user will be directed to select a folder and define parameters and permissions.
  • Edit – Edit an existing share. The selected share in the chart will be chosen for editing. Double clicking an entry in the chart also launches the edit feature.

Create or edit a share:

  • Allows the user to select a target folder for the share, and to edit parameters and permissions.
  • Share Name – the name of the share that will be used by those connecting to the share. It does not need to be the same name as the folder.
  • Comment – a user-definable note about the share
  • Guest OK – define whether a “guest” account (ie: not a user set up in samba) is allowed to access the share.
  • Permissions – Permissions are defined on a user basis. If a user exists but permissions are not set for the particular user, the permission defaults to whatever is set for “Everyone”. If permissions are not set at all, then the system defaults to “Everyone Read only”.

Manager Users:

  • Allows the creation, removal, and password management of samba users. To add a samba user, there must already by a linux account for that user with a matching name.

Technical Notes:

  • Admin privileges are required for creating and deleting samba user accounts, as well as using the start/stop/autostart samba controls.
  • The app utilizes the “usershares” capability of samba. Samba server restarts are not required when adding or editing shares, nor when managing users.
  • smb.conf is not edited by this tool, and shares defined in smb.conf will not be managed by this tool.
  • File share definitions can be found in /var/lib/samba/usershares, each share in an individual file. Files are owned by the user that creates them.

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