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HELP: MX System keyboard

In case the user neglected to select system keyboard during installation or from the Login menu, missed setting it up on the Live session, or just needs to make a change, this little app provides an easy way to carry out that operation from the Start menu.

It could also be changed in a terminal, where many further options exist: consult the man file for the command setxkbmap.

V. 20190615

10 thoughts on “HELP: MX System keyboard”

  1. 25 years of Linux, and I still find this nonsense? I did in fact select en_GB. And yet mhy keyboard is US, and there is ABSOLUTLEY no way to change it buy going click click done. So now I am expected to research for the next three weeks how to change my keyboard, all the while fighting for an @ symbol. No thanks… bunch of linux rookies. its 2020 and you can’t get my UK keyboard working. that says tons of what I can expect in this distro.

      • It really behaves weird. Defaults are set via GUI, national (sk) keyboard map added, moved to the top, shoud be default and set on login, because the english keyboard is moved to the bottom of the layouts list. And yet, when I login and type to the start menu search, for instance, the keyboard layout is English, and should be Slovak. Despite the system tray widget shows SK.
        I even tried to issue
        setxkbmap sk
        It is a bug.

        • You:”the switching of course works, but on every login there is wrong default, which annoys me”

          Exactly the same happens to me,
          Added the last line at ~/.bashrc
          setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us_intl
          But only works after open a terminal window
          Is there an add-on to switch between the them ?
          Thank you, Otto (Brasilia, Brazil)

      • Doesn’t really work, that setting only applies to a user, not to the whole system (which is a problem when you have special characters in your password). It may be coincidence but every single Debian-based install I’ve ever done across multiple machines, I’ve told it specifically that I have a 104 key US keyboard, yet it ignores me and selects a UK layout. Mind you, that’s been limited to Raspbian and MX Linux, but since the symptom is identical for both I wonder if the root cause is also the same?

        sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration fixes it right up but it really shouldn’t be necessary

  2. Hi,
    if you select “other” at the bottom of the list when presented with US variation of the pc105 keyboard, more variations appear, including UK variation of the keyboard.

  3. n~ao consigo escrever em portugues. A acentuaç~ao til (~) n~ao funciona corretamente. Ja to pensando em voltar para o Linux Fx que tudo funcionava direitinho. Mas quero tentar ainda.

  4. Settings – MX Tools – System Keyboard – Keyboard Layouts – Choose second language – Hotkeys – Switching to another layout.


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