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HELP: MX System Sounds

System Sounds
System sounds

There are three main areas to MX System Sounds.

XFCE Event Sounds

These settings correspond to the EVENT SOUNDS settings found in the Appearance > Settings. Either Appearance or MX System Sounds may be used to adjust these preferences.

Session Sounds

These are settings particular to MX. These settings control the login and logout event sounds. These are set independently of the main Event Sounds.

Having Event Sounds enabled is not necessary to enable a login and/or logout sound.

Custom Sounds

This area allows customization of the Sound Theme settings, as well as a custom login and logout sound, if desired.

The currently selected sound may be played with the “play” button to the left of the sound selection box.

The theme default (if any) may be selected with the button to the right of the selection box. Note that not all sound themes have default login and logout sounds defined.

Sound packages

The sound theme “borealis” is installed by default. Others available in the repos include:

  • mx-sound-theme-fresh-and-clean
  • sound-theme-freedesktop


  • If you have enabled event sounds but do not hear them, check your system sounds volume level in Pulse Audio Volume Control (pavucontrol); it may need to be at least 100% for the sounds to be heard.
  • If you play a sound that is very long, just use the “Cancel” button on the main dialog. It should stop playback of the long sound. You can also start playback of another sound using the main dialog.

Development history: Dolphin_Oracle

License: here.

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