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HELP: MX Test Repo Installer

—NOTE: This package is deprecated from MX-16.1 on, having been merged with MX Package Installer


MX Test Repo Installer

Allows the user to browse and install packages from the mx test repository directly without the need to first enable the testing repo. The test repo will be enabled as needed and then disabled after the selected apps are installed.

Install Apps

Check the boxes of any apps that you wish to have installed. Once selections are complete, press “Install” button to start installation. Standard debian package management tools (apt-get) will be used to install the packages and required dependencies.

Tips and Tricks

  • This app only installs packages. Use synaptic or other standard debian apt tools for uninstall chores.
  • Upgradebable packages will have an icon beside the checkbox.
  • Packages that are already the latest version are “greyed” out.
  • Hover over an item to see version and status type information.
  • Press Cntrl+F to focus to the search box.

Development history: Adrian, Dolphin_Oracle

License: here.

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