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HELP: MX User Manager

User manager
MX User Manager


This application has 6 tabs.

  • Administration: self-explanatory.
  • Options: restore default configurations for selected user.
  • Copy/Sync: copies or symlinks one user’s folder to another’s. If you are using a browser other than one by Mozilla, you will need to copy by hand the hidden folder in your Home (e.g., .opera)
  • Free Up Space: Offers several easy actions to check and increase hard drive space.
  • Add/Remove Groups: self-explanatory.
  • Group Membership: allows root to change a given user’s access to services and applications.


Options tab: Restore Defaults: Xfce defaults
When the user selects to restore the original Xfce settings for MX Linux, the contents of two “skeleton files” are copied to the user’s Home:

  • /etc/skel/.config/, to ~/.config
  • /etc/skel/.gtk-2.0/ to ~/.gtk-2.0/

Other than that, no files are replaced. If at some later point the user changes his/her mind, the files that were replaced can be found in the user’s Home directory in the hidden directory ~/.restore. The user would simply need to copy those archived directories, paste them back in Home, and accept to overwrite.

License: here.

Development history: Warren Woodford (Mepis), Adrian

v. 20170507

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