Add new Testimonial or Review




How to add material

  • Click Content > Add Content > Testimonial
  • Add the Title of the testimonial or review
  • Choose MX 14, 15, 16 or 17 in Version dropdown
  • Choose "Testimonial" in Type dropdown if this is for the testimonials page; "Review" if this is for the reviews page
  • Link fields:
    • Title: paste in the link the title goes to and remove http://www.
    • URL: paste in the link URL field and remove only http://
  • Nothing more to do to have the post title link to what you entered in the Link field.
  • Text Format: choose "Filtered HTML" for the body. - Do not add any html code.
  • Paste in the review and select the part in "" and click to make it italic.
  • Save.

ver. 20190217