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Application Migration Aptik

If you install a new version of MX that is using the same Debian base there is an application, aptik that can bring in your applications and application configurations plus much more from your previous install. This saves considerable time in setting up your new system.

You run aptik on your current install and pick Backup for hose items you want to migrate. Directories and files are created containing the pertinent applications and configurations. These directories and files should be saved to a location that will not get over written by the new install such as a date partition or external drive. Then on your new install you execute Restore to install those apps.


  1. Panel configurations are not fully resored. 2. Some appearance items are not restored depending on what you have set up in your old install. 3. Home folder added hidden confiduration files may not be restored. It is recommended you save them prior to a new install to a location you can retrieve from later. 4. Session and Startup>Application Autostart added items will not be restored and have to be re-entered.

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Ver. 20180305

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