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Wallpaper details and how to submit:

1. WP picture size: 1920 x 1200

2. file size per WP submitted: between 400kB to 1.5 MB.
(applicable only to uploads to the MX Community Wallpaper pages) In the past we have had submissions that were either too (physically) small or too low quality to be considered. If the actual file size is larger than that, please reduce the file size for the upload, but keep the original high-quality file. If the WP is selected, you can forward the original to us.

3a. Forum upload site:

Most users post here first to get feedback before moving on.

3b. Official upload site: Karen (peregrine) has set it up so that the submissions for WP can be uploaded here:

And if you haven’t visited the Community-submitted Wallpaper pages yet at wallpaper , go check it out. Even if your submissions aren’t selected for the MX17 iso, they will still be available for download by the community. There were a lot of good ones that didn’t make it into the previous releases.

4. You’ll need to log in with your account at before you can upload your pics. If you haven’t created a user account yet, please PM peregrine with your request and an email address, and you’ll get a one-time password to set up your own password.

5. for each upload, fill in these relevant details in the text fields:
a) the source of the pic (e.g. yours? someone you know? Found at this URL?)
b) licence terms for the pic
c) if attribution is required under the licence, give details of creator/artist.

You can see these details for the MX16 submissions. Just click on the name of the wallpaper in question.

6. post these same details of your submission(s) in this thread as well.

7. if you wish to add the MX Linux logo, go to:
and download the logo file for transparent background.
Then “Open as layer” in the File menu in GIMP and affix onto pic.

The logo position should be high enough that it’s not blocked by a horizontal panel.

Note on licences and copyright:

1. the source/provenance of the WP and terms of any licence attached to it are important, as we don’t want copyright disputes with people claiming to be the rightful artist/creator.

2. it would be nice to have photos/art created by forum members themselves, or by people known to the members who are willing to gift it to MX’s use without any conditions (giving credit/attribution to the creator/artist is fine).

3. However, we have no problems with work:
a) carrying liberal licences like CC0 provided the source/origin of the WP is not some **questionable site, or
b) under Creative Commons Share Alike licences so long as they do not prohibit derivative work (since we may add the MX logo or otherwise modify the work) or commercial use. Again, attribution is fine – we’ll just include the details in a text file in the wallpaper directory.

4. For members contributing suggestions from other sources, you may wish to consider (just some examples):
– Flickr or Unsplash contributors with acceptable licence terms for their pics who, from the picture details provided (e.g. camera used, lens, location, time, date, occasion), are credible as the creator/taker of the pics
– Pixabay, with hundreds of thousands of free images released under CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use. No attribution required.

**It is true that some people may upload copyrighted material to sites like the above and claim them as their own. The origin of each pic can be checked at
If it doesn’t appear in too many different places, it’s more likely to be aboveboard. Use common sense.

v. 20180228

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