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Different background for each MX-Fluxbox workspace

Many thanks to user PPC who dug up an excellent doc on the topic. I have tested it and, with a couple of tricks, it works well.

1. Open ~/.fluxbox/keys and insert anywhere the following entry:

#This executes fbsetbg every time workspace is changed to load <workspace number>.jpg from ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/numbered/ 
ChangeWorkspace :Exec fbsetbg ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/numbered/$(xprop -root _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP |awk '{print $3+1}').jpg

2. Create a folder ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/numbered. This will allow you to rename backgrounds without interfering with the original.

3. Copy the backgrounds you need (=number of workspaces) and want to use into that new folder

4. Right-click > Rename the background files in that new folder with numbers, so that you have: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc.

5. Rename *.png files to *.jpg, so that for example: “MyUglyDog.png” >> “2.png” >> “2.jpg”

6. If you want to use the same background on more than one workspace, just copy it and renumber it. Otherwise, if a workspace is missing a corresponding numbered background, an error message will appear.

7. Click Menu > Leave > Refresh to enable the new keys entry.

8. Now when you change workspaces using the mouse’s scroll wheel, the keys (Ctrl + F1, F2, etc.) or any other method that works for you, you will enjoy seeing different backgrounds.


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