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MX Linux social media

Social Media

We know of the following social media sites dedicated to MX Linux. They are very active, and recommended to all users.

If we have missed a site with a dedicated section for us, please let us know on the Forum.

33 thoughts on “MX Linux social media”

  1. Gday Its 2019
    Massive amounts of people are getting censored from social media+websites

    Please consider supporting social networks that actually support free speech for all inviduals
    * Minds – Free Speech alt for Facebook
    * Gab – Free speech alt for twitter
    * Bitchute – Free Speech Alt for Youtube

    In 2015-2020 we do have censorship on:

    • I finally went to bitchute to see what it is , first it should be called Nazi talk. Everyone should take a look to see the loons that are trying to take over the world.It’s really worth the few minutes it takes to take a look, it shows how grateful stupidity is to have its own party.

    • You sound like a alt-right troll with your bias,
      those platforms you mention are safe havens for crooks, con men, hate speech, propaganda.
      They hide their funds offshore, as well as engaging in offensive cyber attacks, troll farm, sock account stuffing.
      So, no thanks

  2. Very much agree with the above comment. It is much more free and open to also have a presence on sites that are not content monitored by big tech.

  3. Minds has no dedicated MX_Linux section that I can see, and is essentially unknown to the vast majority of our users. Besides, it seems to have nothing to do with what we do: “Users can use tokens to advertise their content across the social network” (Wikipedia).

    Gab, from what I read, appears to be a shield for a political position that, again, has nothing to do with MX Linux (Wikipedia). We insist on keeping politics off the Forum, and treat the social media we support the same way.

    By contrast, our Facebook Group has over 2,000 users exchanging information with each other. And our Twitter account has about 1,200 followers at this writing, allowing us to reach a large group of users with ease. Reddit shows about 800 followers of MX Linux ATM, and Mastodon close to 600.

    We thus support these groups because they have proved to be successful with, and helpful to, our users.

    • Right on, Jerry! The “free and open-source” alternatives like Diaspora, Mastodon, etc are a digital ghetto full of people who have been kicked out of other platforms. @charliebrownau is particular, who has even been kicked off of multiple diaspora pods for hurtful, hateful things he insists on posting.

  4. I cannot agree more fervently with charliebrownau and anon 1. It might seem like I am going to ramble on a little but bear with me. Also I think that Mxlinux is fabulous although I did find something that is broken this weekend but that is for another time, I digress , here goes….

    Dear Jerry3904, the reason why many are moving over to Linux is for privacy and I’m always shocked at the lack of understanding of this point, not everyone cannot afford a license to the “M” corporation or wants to be a Linux “elitist” or a computer “geek”. Yet here you are advocating for the evil empires, come along and have your data harvested by big tech why dont you, forgetting that some of us might not like that. While I am not advocating you leave them, you clearly enjoy that. The rest of the users might want an alternative that does respect privacy and might not want to be on twitter, facebook or mastadon. Im sure that even you will not dispute that twitter and facebook are in fact at the very least unsavory, censoring, anti free speech data harvesters (it is all in the public domain for those that want to know). As for mastadon they recently banned a youtube channel called “switch to linux” for merely making a video about a browser called “dissenter”, (he was not advocating for it) which means no free speech there either. Gab is a free speech platform and NOT a politically affiliated twitter alternative, it is therefore not meant for social justice warriors as there are no safe spaces. It simply respects free speech. Minds is a facebook alternative and you do not need to use tokens, again free speech allowed. Im sure all charliebrownau was advocating is for one other alternative other than the evil empires that those of us who respect free speech and privacy can communicate. He did not say you need to change your habits. Im sure you want to cater to as diverse an audience as possible, remember “diversity is our strength” wink wink.

    I look forward to your response and Im sure you want to accommodate charliebrownau, anon1 , myself and others that are like minded.

    • There is a whole Universe of Decentralized and sane stuff going on in IPFS. For me and IPFS I lean more towards the Golang ( Go Programming Language side of IPFS Development ) side where there is also a Java-Centric other-side of IPFS. All that aside, the movers and shakers of the deep & dap ourk Web, many have surfaced to do work in IPFS & Litecoin ( you have choices in Freedom ) where the actual Blockchain portions tend to be a melding of Web 2.0 with Web 3.0 and not a pure Dark-Web 3.0.x. The greatest barrier to a sweet Golang IPFS on a Debian Spin like MX Linux is setting up the up to date Golang Environment. Same said for any Linux really but for someone whom has never done one the Documentation from a simple Google Search can be daunting. Anyway, all IPFS aside what is especially nice about MX Linux is the Developers are all ears when it comes to making MX Linux appeal to What The People Want, like Glen of AV Linux brought a gang of special tweaks from AV Linux to MX and now we have an AVL-MXE Spin ( ) I do not think it would be to hard to get an MX Group Repo going for a Go-IPFS if enough folks research it and request it. While much of the myth about a Decentralized Underworld is real the Decentralized aim of the vast majority of work put into IPFS & IPLD is not an Underworld goal but rather a Universal Universe of Decentralization. You need to explore it and form your own opinion.

  5. If someone could write an app/program/whatever that would cross-post to the big social media sites (e.g. Facebook) and also to alternatives e.g. Minds or WeMe or whatever – it could bridge the gap between the old and the new.
    Just a thought …

  6. @charliebrownau has some good points.

    We need to breakaway from the dictatorship of the mainstream media.
    Too many are being censored without reason except that they did something bad (but don’t go into details as to what they did). Youtube has been notorious for this over the last years but the others are connected in some way or another since data collection is the main staple in our times.

    Linux and OpenSource are our last hope for some kind of “freedom” from corporate tyranny.

    • I think one thing needs to be stressed however is Linux or the Kernel itself is NOT the Internet. What gets us Online into the Internet and back out of the Internet exchanging files and all has some bearing on Linux but not all of it. How we transport ourselves and information & files and retrieve them over an Internet in most cases can be accomplished on just about any production Architecture with more or less the same System spinning on a Kernel. Where Free & Open Source Software only differs is we can see and read & modify ( in most cases ) the Code. What happens on Platforms spinning in the Internet(s) is a whole another ball game. Our base Operating Systems like MX Linux try to accommodate all Folks. For what we do mostly is mess with the Internet. The System that comes from MX Linux has a lot of fine little details built in to keep you out of the box Safe ” out there ” but has little to do with ” Out There ” itself. You have all the basic tools and some not so basic tools to go out there and Live life and return back to your machine to tend to your wounds as unmolested as possible in a System like MX Linux. But if you have a Chrome Browser lit up with Tabs on the Internet with Accounts in AMAZON Shopping listening to Streaming Music from YouTube Music watching Hulu hitting Like Like Like like mad on Facebook and trying to Rip that Hulu Movie to put in your Encrypted Folder it has little to do with your base Operating System what is going down with you & your Accounts now. What is tracking you and manipulating you & controlling you is outside of your machine System, and up to YOU to figure out how to jam your secrets into that Encrypted folder without a bunch of telemetry hooked into your world. Much of the debate I think is beyond the MX Linux scope and more of a Free Internet issue. MX Linux is a great Start but in my opinion most of the arguments about the Internet than the Operating System itself and what folks want to do Online is a separate issue . MX Linux arms one with a great set of Kit and Gear to venture into Cyber-Space with, but the Battle is Online not at Home in your MX Linux Operating System. I am a big fan of IPFS and I push it hard because it presents a different spin on how we can do things Online. Most all of IPFS and its affiliated stuff spins nicely on Debian and MX Linux very well. If you are more interested I am starting a Project only hours new now on an MX Linux Spin with a Decentralized Internet in mind. Probably have a Gitter and Element/Matrix Chat Room(s) to allow the MX Linux gang do what they do best and keep our Home sturdy while we fight for a new Free Internet. And try to build something Special for MX Linux and the Universe along the way:

  7. ” Yet here you are advocating for the evil empires, come along and have your data harvested by big tech why dont you, forgetting that some of us might not like that. While I am not advocating you leave them, you clearly enjoy that. ”

    We did not start those sites–with the exception of Twitter–and we do not promote them. They were started and are used by MX users. No one is forced to join them, so just stay away.

  8. “We do not promote them” – Yes, you do! You promote them on top of every page of this domain! As they would stand on top of us all.

    I left Ubuntu for Canonicals collaboration with Amazon and general data mining many years ago. And so will I left MX if its developers don’t start to understand privacy needs. Using Google recaptcha to confirm this post feels perfectly sick!

    • “This may not be the distro for you, then.” That’s not the best attitude. People are getting censored for disagreeing with certain narratives and it doesn’t make those people evil or “right-wing.” They are now going after Russell Brand (a progressive) for pete’s sake. Who runs this distro and do they have any sort of commitment to free speech and privacy? That’s really the question being asked here. Your answers are far from reassuring.

      • the post you are replying to is over 2 years old. If someone doesn’t want to follow us on the social media pages, that is fine. Its OK, I applaud your commitment to your ideals concerning social media and free speech.

        You can post where you want, we can post where we want.

        Enjoy the free speech.

  9. I see and agree!

    Still I am not angry with you. You provided a lightweight but functional distribution for your users.

    But I can’t continue to use a distribution that (ab)use free software to create a system that ignores the threats of modern days internet! You not only promote (carelessly) the biggest threats of free software but also claim yourself the right to collect analytic data from any visitor of your website without providing any information about the services you use nor what data you collect in particularly!

    Still, I wish you a merry Christmas! But I also hope you will eventually understand my concerns about data-mining, especially while I already discovered bot-created content inside your very own website! (e.g. see the commentaries at “Create a Live usb w/Persist from a Windows Desktop”)

  10. Просто, захотелось выразить БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ, создателям и разработчикам OS Linux 19! Устанвил на ОЧЕНЬ старый компьютер и ВСЕ работает КАК НАДО и не потратив на это ни одной копейки! ОЧЕНЬ ДОВОЛЕН! Спаси БОГ!

  11. It’s great to see that a lot of people in this comment section care about free-speech. But MX Linux is not advocating the use of the said restrictive social media platforms. And I agree that they are evil. What MX Linux has done is just linking them on to this web page so that people who have no problem using those platforms would get to find the channels easily. We should leave it at that.

  12. I sooner or later went to a bit chute to see what it is, first it must be referred to as Nazi communicate. Everyone needs to take a glance to see the loons which are seeking to take over the arena.

  13. has a great community of linux mint users. There is a linux and open source group. No censorship or payments. If somebody feels like administrating.

  14. Ich könnte mich kaputt lachen wenn ich die Begrifflichkeit social media lese oder höre. Wie doof seid ihr eigentlich alle? Überdies halte ich es gerade eben mal wieder für angebracht euch Penner darauf hinzuweisen die unter dieser Bezeichnung zusammengefassten Unternehmungen ALLE Machwerk des US-amerikanischen Geheimdienst sind. Letztere sind “geisteskranke Schwerverbrecher” die weltweit vor Folter und Mord nicht zurückschrecken um ihre Interessen durchzusetzen. Was das jetzt wieder meint begreift ihr selbstverständlich nicht.

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