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MX Linux social media

We know of the following social media sites dedicated to MX Linux. They are very active, and recommended to all users.

If we have missed a site with a dedicated section for us, please let us know on the Forum.

3 thoughts on “MX Linux social media”

  1. Gday Its 2019
    Massive amounts of people are getting censored from social media+websites

    Please consider supporting social networks that actually support free speech for all inviduals
    * Minds – Free Speech alt for Facebook
    * Gab – Free speech alt for twitter
    * Bitchute – Free Speech Alt for Youtube

    In 2015-2020 we do have censorship on:

  2. Very much agree with the above comment. It is much more free and open to also have a presence on sites that are not content monitored by big tech.

  3. Minds has no dedicated MX_Linux section that I can see, and is essentially unknown to the vast majority of our users. Besides, it seems to have nothing to do with what we do: “Users can use tokens to advertise their content across the social network” (Wikipedia).

    Gab, from what I read, appears to be a shield for a political position that, again, has nothing to do with MX Linux (Wikipedia). We insist on keeping politics off the Forum, and treat the social media we support the same way.

    By contrast, our Facebook Group has over 2,000 users exchanging information with each other. And our Twitter account has about 1,200 followers at this writing, allowing us to reach a large group of users with ease. Reddit shows about 800 followers of MX Linux ATM, and Mastodon close to 600.

    We thus support these groups because they have proved to be successful with, and helpful to, our users.

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