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MX Linux social media

Social Media

We know of the following social media sites dedicated to MX Linux. They are very active, and recommended to all users.

If we have missed a site with a dedicated section for us, please let us know on the Forum.

10 thoughts on “MX Linux social media”

  1. Gday Its 2019
    Massive amounts of people are getting censored from social media+websites

    Please consider supporting social networks that actually support free speech for all inviduals
    * Minds – Free Speech alt for Facebook
    * Gab – Free speech alt for twitter
    * Bitchute – Free Speech Alt for Youtube

    In 2015-2020 we do have censorship on:

  2. Very much agree with the above comment. It is much more free and open to also have a presence on sites that are not content monitored by big tech.

  3. Minds has no dedicated MX_Linux section that I can see, and is essentially unknown to the vast majority of our users. Besides, it seems to have nothing to do with what we do: “Users can use tokens to advertise their content across the social network” (Wikipedia).

    Gab, from what I read, appears to be a shield for a political position that, again, has nothing to do with MX Linux (Wikipedia). We insist on keeping politics off the Forum, and treat the social media we support the same way.

    By contrast, our Facebook Group has over 2,000 users exchanging information with each other. And our Twitter account has about 1,200 followers at this writing, allowing us to reach a large group of users with ease. Reddit shows about 800 followers of MX Linux ATM, and Mastodon close to 600.

    We thus support these groups because they have proved to be successful with, and helpful to, our users.

  4. I cannot agree more fervently with charliebrownau and anon 1. It might seem like I am going to ramble on a little but bear with me. Also I think that Mxlinux is fabulous although I did find something that is broken this weekend but that is for another time, I digress , here goes….

    Dear Jerry3904, the reason why many are moving over to Linux is for privacy and I’m always shocked at the lack of understanding of this point, not everyone cannot afford a license to the “M” corporation or wants to be a Linux “elitist” or a computer “geek”. Yet here you are advocating for the evil empires, come along and have your data harvested by big tech why dont you, forgetting that some of us might not like that. While I am not advocating you leave them, you clearly enjoy that. The rest of the users might want an alternative that does respect privacy and might not want to be on twitter, facebook or mastadon. Im sure that even you will not dispute that twitter and facebook are in fact at the very least unsavory, censoring, anti free speech data harvesters (it is all in the public domain for those that want to know). As for mastadon they recently banned a youtube channel called “switch to linux” for merely making a video about a browser called “dissenter”, (he was not advocating for it) which means no free speech there either. Gab is a free speech platform and NOT a politically affiliated twitter alternative, it is therefore not meant for social justice warriors as there are no safe spaces. It simply respects free speech. Minds is a facebook alternative and you do not need to use tokens, again free speech allowed. Im sure all charliebrownau was advocating is for one other alternative other than the evil empires that those of us who respect free speech and privacy can communicate. He did not say you need to change your habits. Im sure you want to cater to as diverse an audience as possible, remember “diversity is our strength” wink wink.

    I look forward to your response and Im sure you want to accommodate charliebrownau, anon1 , myself and others that are like minded.

  5. If someone could write an app/program/whatever that would cross-post to the big social media sites (e.g. Facebook) and also to alternatives e.g. Minds or WeMe or whatever – it could bridge the gap between the old and the new.
    Just a thought …

  6. @charliebrownau has some good points.

    We need to breakaway from the dictatorship of the mainstream media.
    Too many are being censored without reason except that they did something bad (but don’t go into details as to what they did). Youtube has been notorious for this over the last years but the others are connected in some way or another since data collection is the main staple in our times.

    Linux and OpenSource are our last hope for some kind of “freedom” from corporate tyranny.

  7. ” Yet here you are advocating for the evil empires, come along and have your data harvested by big tech why dont you, forgetting that some of us might not like that. While I am not advocating you leave them, you clearly enjoy that. ”

    We did not start those sites–with the exception of Twitter–and we do not promote them. They were started and are used by MX users. No one is forced to join them, so just stay away.


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