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Release sequence

There are many interconnected steps involved in making a MX Linux release. This list provides current guidelines:

DO builds final ISOs and then uploads the delta patches, md5sums, zsync and sig files
Dev Team patches the previous development ISOs (usually: release candidates), resultant ISOs are uploaded to SourceForge
—Note: best if done by 11pm Eastern time, so rsync cron job picks up quickly; otherwise long wait for mirrors to get populated
we check with Dave and Tim to make sure that their servers have picked them up correctly
—Note: we would like as many of the mirrors to be populated as possible, so a 24hr wait is probably the minimum
change website: download links and page, version page, migration page, features page, etc.
we notify Ramsey (feedback AT osdisc DOT com) about new release
Torrent team sets up the torrents, notifies Community
—NOTE: old torrents need to be taken down
Spokesman makes the community announcement
Spokesman’s announcement put up as draft Blog post for quick Dev Team input
—Note: this is what DIstroWatch will pick up. DW publishes its new page on Mondays, so we would like the Blog post up by Friday at the latest
The release is added to the Forum Announcement Banner with a link to the announcement post.
blog announcement is posted
we update Wikipedia
v. 20170605

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