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This Wiki page is intended to help MX Linux users understand the distro’s Twitter account. The account tries to provide rapid information about developments within the distro, covering the range from server problems to new packages.

You can view it without joining, but you will have interactive options if you create an account of your own in the following way:

  • Browse to and sign up with your full name, email address and a password.
  • Choose a username on the next screen and click Create my account.
  • When you receive a confirmation email, click on the link to get full access to Twitter.
  • It’s useful to others if you upload a photo of yourself and type a short Bio. You can also put up a header photo if you choose.

Basic concepts

  • Limit: 140 characters, including spaces.
  • Hashtag: a hashtag is a simple way to tag your tweets with a relevant word or phrase: just don’t use spaces. So if you want to tweet about MX Linux, you’d insert #mx_linux
  • @ tag: If you want to directly address us, use @mx_linux somewhere in your tweet. That way, we will see it and be able to answer or retweet it. If you want the whole world to see your tweet to us, add a dot in front of the address, like this: [email protected]_Linux.
  • Follow: if you have an account of your own, you can click on the Follow button of the MX_Linux page linked above. That way, posts will automatically show up in your timeline and it supports the distro account.


  • Web browser: just navigate to your page.
  • Desktop application: Corebird is available for MX-15 and works well.
  • Phone app: available for Android and iOS devices.

Responses to a tweet

  • Retweet: this is a good way to spread the word about news or share a good tweet without drafting a tweet yourself. This is how the MX Linux packagers bring new packages to our attention, and then we retweet their post on the official account.
  • Like: you can  interact with a tweet by clicking on the little heart that’s at the bottom of every tweet.
  • Three little dots: more options on how to interact with the tweet, including delete.
  • For outside tweets, use the “Disregard” link at the bottom of the post to never see that sort of thing again.


v. 20160821

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