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Writing BASH scripts

Help for anyone interested in learning to write scripts for the command line (CLI) from a post by user skidoo. Bash Beginners Guide
Bash-Beginners-Guide (Rutgers) … ers-Guide/
linuxcommand getting started book
Ryan’s tutorials: Bash Scripting Tutorial
BASH Programming – Introduction HOW-TO
Bash Scripting Tutorial for Beginners … -beginners

the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Barely Legal
GNU Bash Reference Manual
BASH Frequently Asked Questions
shell Style Guide
tips better-bash-scripting-in-15-minutes
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

learn by reviewing examples (and discussions / comparisons / alternatives):

Glossary of common technical terms
Simplified manual pages
archived Questions and answers columns
archived Tips and tricks columns

Discussion sites/forums:


Also websearch “bash cheat sheet” or “shell scripting cheat sheat”

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