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Adobe Flash

Starting with MX-16.1, Adobe® Flash® Player is distributed by default with permission and under license.


Many objections to the inclusion of Flash have been raised in the past, the most significant of which are these:

  • Security. Because it retains wide usage, Flash vulnerabilities offer potential means of compromising a system.
  • Privacy. Flash Player supports persistent local storage of data, so that the possibility of building a profile based on user statistics is troubling to some users.

At the same time, users face sites that still require Flash, despite the success of HTML5 in taking over much of the video function. This is particularly common with gaming websites, for instance, and can also be found in various commercial sites. The inclusion of the Player in MX-16.1 is a response to user request.


Since Flash will now be installed automatically, and MX Flash Manager deprecated, the user has some good options:

  • Install an add-on to your browser to toggle Flash on/off on a per site basis, if available. Firefox (and thus Pale Moon), for instance, has FlashDisable that puts a handy button right on the toolbar.
  • Uninstall Flash using MX Package Installer. It can be re-installed later with the same tool.


Wikipedia: Flash privacy and security

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