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Can’t log in

Possible causes:

  1. password issue
  2. /home partition not mounted
  3. permission issue
  4. /home partition out of space

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. is password working? Can you log in with “su username”? If not, run “passwd username”
  2. if you can log in can you see your files in /home (is /home mounted if on a different partition than root?) Check /etc/fstab
  3. If /home is mounted can you check if the files in /home are owned by your user or by root? Run “ls -al ~/”
  4. Run “df” to check for free space on /home or root (if /home is not a separate partition).

2 thoughts on “Can’t log in”

  1. Adding to Troubleshooting Steps:

    Check out the / file system. On today, I got a similar issue and the / was full. Then, perform a clean up and you will able to log in again.

  2. Had this issue today. After attempting to login, the screen would revert back to login screen. ALT-F1 would let me login, but startx failed. Logged in as root on the normal login screen, mxtools, boot repair, repair GRUB configuration file was the fix for me…


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