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Checking integrity of downloaded iso files.

In MX 18.1, its easy to check the integrity of downloaded iso files. You have a few options.

If you have a iso file, open up the Thunar file manager and right-click the iso. Select “Compute sha/md5sum” (if you don’t see that command, see note at bottom of page):

Check data integrity option

This will generate a window like this with the md5 and the sha256 hash values for the iso. You can compare those with published verification keys.

check data integrity output

If you are supplied with a checksum file ( *.sha file or a *.md5) file, you can also check directly by having the file and the iso in the same folder, then right click the *.sha or *.md5 file and select “Check data integrity”.

Compute sha/md5sum option

This will check the iso against the previously generated number contained in the checksum file, and give you a quick Ok if the files match.

Compute sha/md5sum output

You can also manually generate a checksum via terminal commands.

for md5: 
md5sum name_of_iso
for sha256:
sha256sum name_of_iso
for sha512: 
sha512sum name_of_iso

You can then use these values to compare against data published by the makers of the iso.

**Note: earlier versions of MX only compute md5sums via the thunar right-click actions. For versions from MX-17.1 on that were upgraded to MX-18.1, click Menu > MX Tweak > Config Options tab, and check the box “Reset Thunar custom right-click actions to system defaults.”

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  1. MX-19.2 has come up with wrong sha256:1aa4acca2985b313e6b668833b8ac18adb5bef707e0defb1105f167a2502bef4
    does the MX-19.2 KNOW ABOUT THIS
    they are all wrong i believe


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