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Debian Stretch on MX-16

With the release of Debian Stretch as the new Stable, many users have begun to wonder how that relates to MX Linux. This Wiki entry is a work in progress to respond to that.

The official change will occur with the release of MX-17, tentatively scheduled for the end of 2017.

MX Linux will utilize three resources for the development of MX-17: the new Debian Stable, Xfce 4.14 and antiX-17. Both Xfce 4.14 and antiX-17 are still in development at this time.

Many packages and procedures change when a new Stable is released, the new Xfce will have ported everything over to some newer version of gtk+ 3 (perhaps Stretch’s 3.22), and antiX-17 will be bringing new items. Those changes require careful testing, since MX Linux stresses stability over novelty.

No. You will continue to receive all security upgrades, first from Debian Security itself and then from Debian Long Term Support until April 2020. Furthermore, the MX Linux Forum will continue to support users using Jessie the same way it has with MEPIS 12 and MX-14, both based on Debian Wheezy.

MX Linux has been constantly backporting from Stretch before it became the new Stable. As a result, many of our packages are at least up to Stretch, if not beyond. Some of the libraries and proprietary drivers may present problems that will have to be worked out.

Technically, yes. We have provided instructions along with known problems in a Wiki article.

Be aware that things will break. You will be doing this at your own risk and MX Linux will not be able to support you in any official manner, though you can check the Forum for a possible Community topic.

Debian Stable can be upgraded in place from version to version automatically as long as the Debian Stable repos are used exclusively. MX uses it own programs and libraries that can interfere with Debian’s dist-upgrade path, and users often install programs from outside the MX and Debian repos that might have dependencies problems.

Upgrade procedure


Backup anything you can’t afford to lose, and be prepared to spend a fair amount of time for the procedure, depending on your CPU.


We are just beginning to test this, and will fill this article out with our results. As a beginning, here are some edited notes of Adrian’s upgrade from Jesse to Stretch. You can start with any MX-16 installation updated to the latest packages with default repos (so basically MX 16.1).

1) Replace “jessie” with “stretch” in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list, antix.list, debian-stable-updates.list and in various.list. You can do it manually, but this command will change them all:

sudo sed -i s/jessie/stretch/g /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list

–Click Menu > Check Apt GPG to get new Debian keys. If that doesn’t work, open a terminal and run:

apt-get install debian-archive-keyring

— Fix VirtualBox key

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –

2) Start the upgrade to Stretch

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Recommended choices for questions you will see:

   N for updating issue and
   N for .bashrc (unless you have altered it)
   Y for login
   Y for 10linux
   N to keep the grub configuration
   Y for lightdm.conf

3) Finish the upgrade to Stretch

apt-get dist-upgrade

Removes the following:

blueman coinor-libcoinmp1 coinor-libcoinutils3 coinor-libosi1 cups-driver-gutenprint grub-customizer libatkmm-1.6-1 libboost-date-time1.55.0 libcairomm-1.0-1 libclucene-contribs1 libclucene-core1
libcwidget3 libebml4 libecryptfs0 libglibmm-2.4-1c2a libgtkmm-2.4-1c2a libgtkmm-3.0-1 libidl0 libmagickcore-6.q16-2 libmagickwand-6.q16-2 libmatroska6 libnss3-1d libopenconnect3 libopencv-calib3d2.4 libopencv-contrib2.4 libopencv-core2.4 libopencv-features2d2.4 libopencv-flann2.4 libopencv-highgui2.4 libopencv-imgproc2.4 libopencv-legacy2.4 libopencv-ml2.4 libopencv-objdetect2.4 libopencv-video2.4 libpangomm-1.4-1 libperl5.20 libprojectm2 libproxy1 libpython3.4 libpython3.4-minimal libpython3.4-stdlib libsidplay1 libsigc++-2.0-0c2a libsnappy1 libtag1-vanilla libtag1c2a libzlcore0.12 libzltext0.12 module-init-tools perl-modules pulseaudio-module-x11 python-cupshelpers python3.4 python3.4-minimal tzdata-java virtualbox-guest-x11 xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse xserver-xorg-video-modesetting

Choose to restart services without asking

Accept changes for dhclient.conf


Known Issues

  • MX Tools theming is not correct
  • MX Check Apt GPG will not work
  • Lightdm looks a bit weird (I think the spacing or some extra lines are missing — it’s because I accepted the changes when asked).
  • The dark theme used for MX-16 may have trroubles with the new gtk+ 3 version. Recommended change if necessary to arc-grey-dark.
  • Video driver for ati/amd can’t be installed via MX Package Installer: no fglrx in Stretch at this time; sgfxi also fails, complaining of XServer version. Solution: move or rename whatever you have in for the AMD GPU in /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/.Then xorg should automatically use radeon upon reboot.
  • Grub Customizer will be removed as there are missing dependencies. Needs to be rebuilt upstream.


  • you could also run “apt-get dist-upgrade” withut running “apt-get upgrade” first.
  • if you have other packages than the default ones especially if you installed from other sources than MX and Debian things might break in different ways.

v. 20170618

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