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ISO download mirrors

How to use this map

You can also use the detailed table in the Wiki.

This is a map of the mirrors of MX Linux ISOs that are known to us. Use the “+/-” buttons or your scroll wheel to enlarge the map and drag it as needed in order to find the mirror that you want, usually the one closest to you. Then click on the marker and a panel will open on the left side.

Panel open showing URLs

Click on the URL for the “ISO Mirror” to see the Index of the mirror. The exact layout of the Index can vary. In the example below, the repo has a top-level directory for “mx-linux” that contains two more directories: MX (shown) and antiX.

The repo’s MX Index

Finally, click on the folder you are looking for–usually “Final”–to see the contents.

Contents of the Final directory

The ISOs to download are the biggest in size, and you will want to select according to architecture and version by clicking the link to begin the download. In the example above:

  • “1” = the ISO for 32 bit older systems (386); XFCE/Fluxbox
  • “2” = the ISO for 64 bit standard systems (x64); XFCE/Fluxbox
  • “3” = the ISO for 64 bit advanced hardware systems (x64); XFCE/Fluxbox
  • “4” = the ISO for 64 bit advanced hardware systems (x64); KDE [not shown]

Checksums and signatures of Final ISOs

md5sum: 6149742df1048fc0f6c81cddb0209aef
sha256: 412a0733a5d429687453344619db3abee892eab18045ae5b91fbb2eeef8a184c

md5sum: 12a6757ff71d5df1de3a481b4b23f434
sha256: a2179af6801dac878fa217445f4f9e372dd1b34365de79a408e31001c83c188c

md5sum: 048664fc3373a655e642f9ed784ee803
sha256: 237c6d852730c3d7b49bf4d2f8b2c848c1cf6a2fcdafd84c3f25ec24296770c2

md5sum: bd49534cd9160ceb975b2f55284587a2
sha256: 174d7eb6e1969148748c5c8f7d58979cdbf3bdbd1e95b946705c9ae8592afc87

md5sum: d038f653922ec077cb52fd914e8e1a20
sha256: 593795b3ddb9e87faf58f521e0661bb7b4ed84be82414d3b7b0bf2462237a73b

md5sum: 63d285f8ba1038e49f8bbaf9f99c6c56
sha256: 3fac46cf1b6ac1cc1e55137d7251858482a6f3f474f98846fdfed8ddeed6458c

To check the integrity of the downloaded ISO in Linux, click to download the md5 or sha256 file into the same folder where the ISO is, and use the appropriate action below:

  • md5: right-click the downloaded md5 file > Check data integrity.
  • sha256: open a terminal and type: sha256sum <File name of ISO>, then compare with the number above. NOTE: the Snapshots use sha512 instead so change the command accordingly.
  • Consult the Wiki for other options, including signatures.

In MS Windows®, the easiest way to ensure integrity (as well as to create the live USB) is to use the USB formatting utility Rufus, which automatically runs a check.

Mirror status

  • The most recent information can be reviewed in the running list.
  • Mirrors may not yet contain a very recent release, and will show a “404 Not found” until they do.

47 thoughts on “ISO download mirrors”

    • There is a link at the top of the page to use an alternative table-form listing similar to what we had before, so no one is required to go through the map.

      We are experiencing problems with the mirrors, as you point out. But the powerful SourceForge repo (linked form the Download page) and the torrents are working flawlessly and the vast majority of users are following that route without difficulty.

      • When I click on the Downloads link. I fully expect to see a list of downloadable versions. Not a wall of text with a guide on how to get to the downloads.

        COME ON folks.

        Let’s get it together and make this simple.
        Do not take this personal just a business criticism:
        Stop making things more complicated than they need to be.

        This whole page is a statue to that idea.

  1. Hi i downloaded the 386 iso for august 2020
    the md5 file does not match nor any of the number files
    md5 58bf8042b2ed596cddeadae35e8097e1 this is what the file reads
    First time trying MX-LINUX

    • If the md5 numbers do not match it most likely means the download file is corrupted. I’ve had this happen to me before, but it’s kind of unusual. What I did was delete the download file and try again. I know it can take a long time to download, especially if you are on dialup or even dsl can take good long time to download. Trust me, you don’t want to try running a corrupted download .iso. It’s doubtful it will even boot. But if it does it won’t work right. Just bite the bullet and try again. Make sure you compare the md5 and the sha256 numbers. I use gtkhash, but I’m already running Linux Mint.


      • Don’t forget the benefits of using the torrents: they checksum each of the myriad chunks as each chunk downloads, hence no need to re-download gigabytes of whole files, because it verifies the download as it progresses; also, torrent downloading is probably much faster than the passed-its-sell-by-date creaky old SourceForge. TBH, these days FOSS projects should be on better platforms than SF … plus, ditching Google’s malign omni-presence, both in Maps and in reCaptcha … c’mon guys, we know better by now!

    • Snapshots are nice and all, but the link here isn’t for official releases. The MD5 will appear correct because it’s tied to this snapshot, not the official ISO.

  2. There is no ISO image for India… Downloading Canada image now. Hope MX can let you change timezones. What a pain to download MX Linux…

    • –Then try the GREAT BIG LINK in the first line of this page to see the other mirror listing.

      –Or go back to the Download Links page and just use BIG BUTTON for direct download.

  3. @Jerry3904: Instead of telling people to suck it up, re-read all of the comments that say the same thing. YOUR COMMUNITY IS TRYING TO COMMUNICATE A BAD DESIGN. I’m shopping for a new distro. When I read this thread, it’s clear I need to keep looking.

  4. Its all free, dont expect anything if you are not given anything.
    I like MXLinux, sure the web design and download page could improve.
    If you like MXlinux, get in contact ask yourself what you could contribute with.
    Are you a webdesign guru, ask if you can contribute. Are you a cool designer that really design easy understanding design, ask to contribute.

    I am all over MXLinux because they did there on workaround for things, skipping systemd. But still has it if someone wants to use it.

    Show some love for MXLinux, by contribute with your love. Make it shine brighter than other distros in all areas.

  5. KDE Funciona ok pero desde el directorio navegador no tiene la opcion en imagen miniaturas pasar como Fondo de escritorio -wallpaper- grave !!!

  6. Hallo, ich habe MX Linux für 32-bit heruntergeladen, leider war alles auf englisch, selbst der Installer. Das hat mir fast den letzten Nerv geraubt, um alles auf deutsch umzustellen, die Tastatur, LibreOffic, Firefox usw. Kann ich direkt eine ISO runterladen, wo schon alles auf deutsch ist?

  7. 2a45b5ae0bce461058752936b44afadef72b6eb9965b48a8ba2e6d867008bbfb /home/xxxx/Downloads/MX-21_fluxbox_x64.iso

    This is not the same as the published sha256. I downloaded via torrent and the signature is valid.

  8. I have downloaded the MX-21_x64.iso two times. The first time from the MX-Linux site, the second time from mirror in South Africa.

    Each time I download I get md5sum and sha256sum which are different from on your site.

    I am going to try the third time now to download with torrent.

  9. I have downloaded the MX-21_x64.iso 3 times now. From the Repo, from a mirror, and with torrent.
    When I check the md5sum and the sha256sum it is always wrong.
    Here for example is what I get :
    [email protected]:/home/salvia/Downloads/MXLINUX$ md5sum MX-21_x64.iso
    f4992908ab3a4c67813a88d0f6fef636 MX-21_x64.iso
    and …
    [email protected]:/home/salvia/Downloads/MXLINUX$ sha256sum MX-21_x64.iso
    c5d1450d9d3e2d9234cc89d3e9b222215118c3ae73584b16dd5e9c9967582efc MX-21_x64.iso
    Surely there is something wrong…. !!??

  10. I downloaded MX-21_x64.iso from torrent and it have the following sha256sum:

    7c5b0b747c8432db845669cdc20737d42dd8c2f60b5e41acc9c2dbf067767b08 /home/kbenoit/Téléchargements/iso/MX-21_x64.iso


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