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For some purposes, it may be desirable to lock down an application or system in order to protect it from users. Examples include computers in a school or public location for general use, where the file system, desktop and internet access need to be closed. Full OS such as Porteus exist, but this page is limited to the use of MX Linux in kiosk mode.


See the detailed guide by Alan D. Moore  which, though dated in some respects, still provides an excellent guide.


Some components of Xfce have support for kiosk mode. This can be enabled by creating and modifying a system kioskrc file to be located at:


Details in the Xfce Wiki.


  • Firefox has a number of add-ons such as mKiosk
  • Alan D. Moore
    • WCGBrowser, a fast and highly configurable browser
    • KiLauncher, a full-screen program menu and launcher


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