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Login greeter (lightdm)

The display manager used by MX Linux is Lightdm, and it supplies the login greeter that every user sees.
Here are a couple of simple modifications that users may want to consider.

Restart button

Follow these directions to add a Restart button to the login box.


  • Right-click this link and save it in your Documents folder or somewhere else where you can easily find it again.
  • Navigate in Thunar to /usr/share/lightdm-gtk-greeter/
  • Right-click an empty space > Open root Thunar here, and provide pwd if necessary
  • Right-click the greeter.ui and rename it to greeter.ui.bak
  • Hit Ctrl-T to create a tab, and navigate back to /Home/Documents/
  • Right-click the file you just saved > Copy
  • Click on the first tab to return to /usr/share/lightdm-gtk-greeter/, then right-click an empty space > Paste (you should still be root)
  • Close Thunar and log out; you should now see a Restart button
  • If you want to return to the original, then navigate back to the greeter location, right-click the greeter.ui > Delete, then right-click greeter.ui.bak and rename it to greeter.ui


In MX-15, the Restart button can be accessed at the right end of the top panel.


In most cases, users will have selected during installation to log in manually; sometimes, however, a user will check the autologin box during installation. Both procedures can be reversed.


  • Open Thunar, and navigate to /etc/lightdm/.
  • Right-click an empty space > Open root Thunar here.
  • Open the file lightdm.conf in Leafpad or another text editor.
  • Click Options > Line Numbers, and navigate to line 88.
  • A hash (#) in front of the line forces the user to log in; no hash allows autologin.
  • No autologin:  
  • Autologin:
  • Note that there is an option in the following line (89) to run autologin after a delay
  • ˆSave and close the file.


In MX-15 autologin behavior is managed in MX User Manager, “Options” tab. For other types of modifications, see Lightdm documentation.

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