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Windows 10

My idea here was to turn off as many password protections and security roadblocks as I could to just make it work. NOTE: Recognizing the security risk of having nearly all network file protections (apart from the firewall) turned off on Windows 10, I would suggest going back over each item and turning on protections one-by-one until file sharing breaks, and then turn off the offending protection. Otherwise, if security is not a concern, you can leave the Windows network file protections wide open as these directions will show you how to do.

  • Leave HomeGroup. Microsoft created a pre-configured closed group called “HomeGroup” a few versions ago. It is turned on by default and makes it very difficult for any computer that is not Windows-based to connect and share files. Leave HomeGroup by: Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet->HomeGroup->Leave HomeGroup
  • Remove all network protections. Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network Sharing Center->Advanced Sharing Settings (this is on the left sidebar).
    Here there will be three categories (each has a carrot next to it to expand): Private (Current Profile), Guest or Public, and All Networks.
    • Private (Current Profile).
      1. Select: “Turn on network discovery”
      2. Select: “Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices.”
      3. Leave the HomeGroup Settings alone…it is already disabled since you have left the HomeGroup.
    • Guest or Public.
      1. Select: “Turn on network discovery.”
      2. Select: “Turn on file or printer sharing.”
    • All Networks.
      1. Select: “Turn on sharing so anyone so anyone with network access can read and write files in the Public folders.”
      2. Select: “Turn off password protected sharing.”
      3. Leave the other selections on the page as is.
      4. Click “Save changes”…and Windows 10 will ask you to logout and login again.
  • Make sure Access Control for a Public folder is turned off. (In this example, I used the folder “Pictures”).
  1. Start->File Explorer->Right Click on Pictures->Properties->Sharing (tab)
  2. Click Share button->In the blank pull-down dialog window, select Guest>then click Add button->Change Permission Level to Read/Write
  3. Click Share button at bottom.
  • Make doubly sure “Pictures” is wide open.
  1. Start->File Explorer …then Right Click on Pictures->Properties->Sharing (tab)
  2. Click Advanced Sharing button->Click Permissions button->highlight Group “Everyone” and make sure that all three boxes are ticked under Allow->Full Control, Change, Read…then click OK at bottom
  3. That should make Pictures wide open to everyone on the network. Now go to your MX-15 machine.
  • Test from MX-15.
  1. Open Thunar->Browse Network->Windows Network->Select WORKGROUP->Select [Name of Windows 10 machine]->Pictures.
  2. Try creating a file in Pictures…then check the Windows 10 machine for changes.

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