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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is produced in such a way that it allows a second party to adapt original software (here: an MX release) to new usage. This is useful for selling or giving away a computer with an OS pre-loaded on it.

Any MX Linux version can be installed as an OEM by using a switch:

-o, --oem 

The terminal command would be:

sudo minstall --oem

This will install the operating system, delaying prompts for user-specific options such as user name, password, etc. When booting into the newly installed OS for the first time, the user will be asked to provide these details.

How it works
The installer (running with –oem) installs a startup script on the installed operating system.
When booting into the installed OS, the script runs minstall –oobe to activate the out-of-box experience screen that prompts for the missing details.

When the user has finished entering these details, the script is automatically disabled so that it is not run again. If the computer is shut down before all steps are completed, the screen will reappear until the user has entered the required details.

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