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Repos — MX Linux

MX Linux

Here are the repos for MX Linux releases:

v. 20191022


In MEPIS 7 and 8 users may need to edit /etc/apt/preferences file (as root) to enable the Community Repository packages to show as upgrades. Please visit the MEPIS forums and ask for help on doing this.
In MEPIS 11 and 12 (as well as MX-14), the Community Repositories have already been entered in your repository list, but are disabled by default. In Synaptic, you can enable them in Settings > Repositories by checking the boxes next to their entries – which will begin with deb

5 thoughts on “Repos — MX Linux”

  1. Hello;
    This morning while checking my email, the MX-19 Update Box turned Green, indicating that “Updates” were available. Clicked on Green Update box, I log on, it reported several Libs no longer used, use autoremove. I did that. Then there were 7 updates yet it failed to fetch the files, this is the error I got:
    “, 404 not found on this server”. I even copied the url link and tried it in my Browser, same result: 404 not found on this server….

      • Please just wait. This is a temporary problem due to a package that was not uploaded by mistake and will be fixed today. If you are really really in a hurry, as it seems, there are solutions posted on the Forum.

        BTW: the advice to just wait a bit is good for all repo problems.


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