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Time settings


If your clock time is always wrong, there are 4 possible issues:

  • wrong timezone
  • wrong selection of UTC versus local time
  • BIOS clock set wrong
  • time drift

These issues are usually addressed with MX Time Settings (in MX-15 using Start menu > System > TimeSet, in MX-16 with Start menu > System > Time Settings). The command line method described here may be desired or–in the case of antiX–required.

CLI method


Open a root terminal and enter:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Do this first. You should also be able to just check the current value with “cat /etc/timezone”.

Change NTP server

To select a NTP server other than the default one, consult this setup page.

Selection of UTC/local time

Once you are sure the timezone is correct, you can work on setting your BIOS clock. Do this with the hwclock command. First do a

man hwclock 

and then run

hwclock --show

to see what it is set to. It always reports in local time which is why you need to first make sure your timezone is set correctly.

Then use one of the following:

hwclock --localtime

hwclock –utc

depending on whether you want your hardware clock to be set to localtime or utc. Most pure Linux systems use utc. Most dual boot systems use localtime.

BIOS clock

Then you can use “hwclock –systohc” to set the hardware clock so it matches your system time. Again, you need the timezone and localtime/utc choice set correctly first (although if you want to *assume* they are set correctly already then this is the only command you need to run to get your changes to the “date” command to stick. If you assumed incorrectly then you will likely get mysteriously screwed by DST a few times per year).

Time drift

Finally, if you are having problems with hwclock drift or if you are a perfectionist then you can install the [b]ntp[/b] package which will use time servers on the net to keep your clock exactly on time. But you have to first go through the steps above before ntp will work correctly.

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