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Torrent setup

Note: new torrent URLs should be sent to Peregrine for the website

MX Linux Torrent Setup Procedure
SSH to VPS ( or

Upload .isos to…and check sha256sum or md5sum

Create torrent file with “announce” for both and
mktorrent -a -a -n MX-filename.iso MX-filename.iso

Change permission of torrent files to make them downloadable, then copy torrent files to ~/torrents for qbittorrent (where it renames with hash and puts them in ~/.config/qBittorent/)
chmod 664 .torrent cp MX.torrent ~/torrents/

Move .iso files to /ISO_Files
mv MX*.iso ~/ISO_Files

Note: qbittorrent-nox is set up to monitor ~/torrents/ and automatically add torrent files added there. If you have the web interface up you can see it check the torrent to the iso file and start seeding. Qbittorrent is supposed to then copy the torrent file to ~/savedtorrents which will automatically make it show up in If it doesn’t, move the torrent file in ISO_Files/temp/ to savedtorrents. If it worked as expected, delete the torrent file(s) in ISO_Files/temp.

Post the URL for new torrent file on…copy from
Go to…login as Admin
Go to Downloads on sidebar
Search for “Torrent”
Edit each Torrent…
Scroll down the page to “Downloadable file (Visitors will download this item)”…in the field below Edit or Paste the URL (eg.,…then hit Enter
Go to upper right corner and click blue “Update” button
DON’T Forget: Go to top bar and under “Clear Cache” choose “Delete Cache” (otherwise no users will see the changes)
Go to Pages on sidebar
Search for “Torrent Files”
Edit the Page (you may need to use Elementor editor) to change version (eg,. MX-18.2 -> MX-18.3)…save…Go to top bar and “Delete Cache”

If qbittorrent-nox stops running — launch with these commands so it will keep running in background even when terminal is closed
$ qbittorrent-nox &
$ jobs
$ disown -h %1
$ jobs
Deriving URLs for command line wget – use CurlWget plugin for Chrome or cliget addon for Firefox
Secondary trackers can be added by repeating the -t with the next tracker.
So instead of transmission-create -c “Your Comments Here” -t -o name_of_torrent_file.torrent OriginalFileName.iso you would use:
transmission-create -c “Your Comments Here” -t -t -o name_of_torrent_file.torrent OriginalFileName.iso
You can also use transmission-edit to add, remove, or search/replace tracker strings in torrent files.
Example: transmission-edit -a MX-18.2_x64.torrent
To fix 2nd tracker showing “”Not contacted yet”…nano .config/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.conf and added the line “Advanced\AnnounceToAllTrackers=true”…then restart qBittorrent.
Statistics from each opentracker
Statistics from websites

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