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Zsync is a file transfer program that runs on the command line. It allows you to download a file from a remote server of which you already have an older copy on your computer. zsync uses one or more “input” files that you name with the “-i” option, that file is analysed and the data that is identical is reused and only the changes are downloaded.


It’s in the repos and can be installed in the usual manner.


Once installed, the program can be used following this model:

zsync <file on your computer> <path to zsync file of higher version>

Starting with MX-16.1, zsync files are uploaded with the ISOs.


For instance, to upgrade the copy of MX-16.1 beta that you have to MX 16.1 final ( 64bit system):

  • install zsync
  • enter the folder where your base ISO (the one you want to update) is located
  • open a terminal and paste in this command

zsync -i MX-16.1-b1_x64.iso<name of 64bit zsync file>


  • you can use any MX release, but the more similar what you use is to the file to be downloaded the more time and bandwidth will be  saved.
  • not all servers allow direct access; switch to the one in the example above, or find a different one in the ISO mirrors list that works for you.
  • if a server gives an error when you first try running a zsync update, try using http instead of https


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