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MX translations coordinator

The MX translations coordinator acts as an interface between the developers who originate the content and the translation team. The coordinator receives requests and instructions from the developers, prepares the work for the translators, monitors the progress of the translations, and sends the completed work back to the developers for incorporation into the applications.

Here’s a summary of the coordinator’s actions:

  • Get the changes from GitHub by cloning a new app, or pulling an existing one.
  • Create the English source translation file using lupdate for QT apps, xgettext for shell and Python apps, and any text editor for plain-text resources.
  • Upload to Transifex and notify the translators.
  • When translation is done, download the language files from Transifex.
  • Create the object translation files using lrelease for QT apps, msgfmt for shell and Python apps, and purpose-built scripts for plain-text resources.
  • Push the files back to GitHub.

Before beginning, the MX coordinator needs to sign up for several services, and have certain software packages installed. This is described in the wiki article on coordinator prerequisites.

The coordinator’s responsibilities are outlined in these wiki articles:

These articles lay out the detailed processes carried out solely by the MX coordinator, and therefore are of limited interest. But some parts cover preparing translations for QT and script programs in general, and could be useful to a wider audience.

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